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  1. falling in love with some one with no sex lust seems unreal. Do fall down and cry with J S Bach and his organ sonata and fugue in whatever. That such is not a person. Do never fall in love with a guy except with also sexual excite. Cherub statues peein into the pool are sexual objects. No more, nor less, than the two guys in the photo. If Mother Mary is not a sex object then why insist that she is a virgin [with a husband]. If Mohammed can not be a sex object, then why are there progeny. Every religion has its sex secrets. Never am aware of a different. Every human has sex, whatever the make, model, version, year. The Mayans who of the thousands sit before their gods do sit there and starve to death are there because of sex. You are your own sex object. Otherwise, you would not know this site nor those two guys in the picture. For some people, this is a very hard argument.

  2. Ohhhhhhh I am so horny from looking at these two naked dudes. I think I need to spend time fucking both of their asses.

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