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  1. Beautiful. Double dessert. One is chocolate and the other vanilla on a banana split….. Luscious hair

    1. I think they look better without makeup (in instagram photos). I don’t care about the dresses and leather since that can be taken off where it gets in the way of fun.

  2. I would love to be the third brother on the chance that I could get a view of them in the shower.

  3. I would love to be the third brother hopeing to see the twins going to and fore to the shower.

  4. Happend with a *.gif before:
    First I guessed its my ad blocker, but its not.

    Hint: remove the “” from url
    so its only
    Works for this one.

  5. From the beginning I always wished for a brother let alone a twin – that would have been amazing.
    Super lucky guys….

  6. One of the more interesting sets of twins I’ve seen lately, is [I think] a pair of Czechs (around 20 or so) that’s been in several very pleasing and revealing videos sharing some personal moments of themselves. I don’t know their names, but we’re invited to share of their handsome faces and beautiful bodies (every part of them.)

    Personally, I’ve only had an older [half-] brother (by 4 years) and socially, did me no favors. While he helped me in certain areas, we never had the “brotherly bond” that so many others share. And I personally think it was the ‘built-in’ conflicts of our family, religion and society — we were both growing up gay, but deathly afraid to let anyone know about it — and still had to put up the typical “straight” face and actions through school and sports — staying unknown to each of us.

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