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  1. — The guy in the dark pant uses both hands to pull the undy guy toward him, using both hands on the undy’s butt to pull him to him.
    — The undy guy seems to be saying NO, looking as if he is pushing away the other. As if. [this is a pose and not a real.]
    — WANT the undy boy, the pushing boy. Want to grab and play with his his. Want to send pant boy away. “Go Away Say i ! ” is this want to shout at him. Want to wrangle him away. Then ant go to play with, or, wrankle, undy boy.
    — obviously, such is not happening. Except as, uh, some, mmm, fantasic … …
    — WHY do people politically violently murderously hate fags, queers, perverts, weirds, offs, odds, homos, and sexual “others” ? Even GAYS do it, as their official LBT doctrine asserts its official hate of boy lovers. Since fall in love with boys (NOT birls) at age 7, or *, cannot fixture. 👀 😘♂

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