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    1. Just what I was thinking. Very interesting movie with great looking main co-actors.

      I just can’t help but laugh inside when I saw that 1964/65 Buick Skylark in it — that they would use an American “classic” car such as the Skylark instead of a local one and a personal one because I owned one as well. Double pleasure for the “prop.”

      1. Belgians are fond of American Ancestors! I have a Studebaker Starliner 1954 myself.

        1. That’s one of the best styles of Studebaker’s cars — and clearly the forerunner of their [decade later] 1963 Avanti, which is a classic in its own right.

  1. Btw, josh, you should do a post revealing the TRUE catholic ways after pope Franky [or is it, Frankly?] just publicly admitted that there is no “hell.”

    “They are not punished. Those who repent obtain god’s forgiveness and take their place among the ranks of those who contemplate him, but those who do not repent and cannot be forgiven disappear. A hell doesn’t exist, the disappearance of sinning souls exists.”

    Just can’t wait for the spin horsey and his ilk will put on this.

    1. Hell is defined as separation from God. My dear Penboy, you live in a self-made Hell, benign and mild as it is. For now, anyway.

      The saved die just once, and are resurrected at judgment to eternal life, as promised by Jesus in John 3:16. The unsaved face a controversial fate. At judgement, the sinful soul is cast into the lake of fire, of burning sulphur, for all eternity. This is the ‘second death.’ The controversy is in the nature of the second death – whether the soul suffers forever, or is consumed and simply perishes. Catholicism adds Purgatory to the mix – the place where those who are saved but died with unconfessed venial sins go to resolve them before entering Heaven. The rationalization here is that God and Heaven are perfect and unblemished by the presence of sin.

      What happens to the unsaved, and even when and for how long, is open to discussion. There are currently several Catholic, half a dozen Protestant, the Mormon, the Baptist and the somewhat esoteric Greek Orthodox takes. And certainly a few others. All a little different, and all supported by varying interpretations of the same specific Scriptures. Go figure.

      Pope Francis was speaking for himself when he said there was no Hell, not for the Church. The Holy Father only speaks authoritatively (infallibly) when speaking “ex cathedra” (from the throne) on matters of faith and morals. This is rarely done, and usually to resolve some grave issue conflicting the Church. It might be of interest to some that when Jesus declared St. Peter, alone among the Disciples, “the rock” on whom He would build His church, He endowed this first Pope and according to Catholicism, his successors (Jesus intended His church to last until the second coming) with “the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven” (Matthew 16: 18-19). Papal authority extends into the infinite.

      It is all so inconsequential. Just get saved and the entire issue goes away. Two of my favorites from the Book of Psalms:

      Psalm 14:1 – “The fool hath said in his heart there is no God.”
      Psalm 46:10 – “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”


      1. I’ve always noticed they say that the dead will rise but always conveniently forget to mention the condition their bodies will be in. I think the catholics are recruiting for the zombie apocalypse.

      2. “My dear Penboy, you live in a self-made Hell,”

        Self-made? Hardly. But, an idiotic “hell,” — yes, because of the total garbage coming out of the mouths of people just like you and all the rest of the “born-agains,” evangelicals, ad nauseam.

        But, right on cue, you spout out even more bullshit and, just like every other idiot “christian,” FAIL to provide any real evidence. To wit:

        If “hell” is so permanent, why is it NEVER MENTIONED in the old testament — i.e., the jews never even considered it [when making up THEIR LIES] …. but, along comes this FAKE “jesus christ” and all of a sudden, there’s a “hell” to compete with the equally FAKE “heaven.”

        This is EXACTLY like the “sudden need” for a pope, fish on Fridays [as if the idiots in those times could really give a shit when “Friday” was] and all the other catholic-invented bullshit stories because there wasn’t enough of them to scare their minions into giving more money and land.

        Pope Leo X: “It has served us well, this myth of Jesus.” — he was clearly of the opinion that all that God stuff was no more than a fairy tale and he was quite pleased that his church was there to reap the rewards of what they considered a scam.

        1. And the catholic church? this is no ‘church’ and it never was, it was and is merely a business organization that was set up to take advantage of the growing religion of christianity.

          Btw, the “pope”? Created in 1059 — a thousand years AFTER this so-called “jesus” — and “HE” NEVER MENTIONS any “need” for a “pope.”

        1. “Spin” implies apologies and re-interpretations. I did none of that. I merely explained and informed. Big difference.

          1. “I merely explained and informed. Big difference.”

            No, you didn’t. You just spun a more complicated web that isn’t catching any more flies than it once did.

            You’re so fucking brainwashed, you don’t have even the foggiest idea of what TRUE explaining and informing about “religion” is.

            Again, [and with DECADES of proof,] “god and religion” are pure BULLSHIT. And I’ll PROVE THAT RIGHT NOW:

            “god,” if you’re real [and “all-powerful, all-knowing”], then come down and give horsey a full-blown heart attack.

            Don’t worry, horsey, I know you’ll be around to comment to me again and that was an exercise in futility.

    2. > just publicly admitted that there is no “hell.”

      No, not really. More like misquoted by an atheist reporter who has form for adding his own flavourings.

      Matthew 24:11 – “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.”

      1. Yeah, but he gave this reporter a lot of interviews, if the pope had actually the feeling he misquoted him he wouldn’t give him all this interviews, don’t you think? It’s more like the pope wants to have a plausible way out and at the same time say the stuff he wants.

        1. Maybe he won’t give him more interviews, after this (although that’ll probably be decided by his advisors/PR people/minders).

          It must be difficult though – he’s just a man and doubtless has his own opinions on the teachings of the church.

      2. Catflap:
        “That was proof?”

        I offered way more proof than either of those LYING, BULLSHIT CLAIMS, called the old and new “testaments” (testament to what, exactly?) Yet, you’re fucking stupid to believe THAT CRAP?

  2. I should learn from my past experiences and to stop reading the comments here… sad and unfortunate it has come to that.

    News flash for some – the entire world does not believe in god!!!

    Silly me, I just like to come here to see pics of wonderful young guys, not to read the ongoing hostilities between some frequent posters… Can’t you guys just exchange email and send the hate back and forth between yourselves so the rest of us don’t have to be subjected to the hostility?

    1. I do what I do to counter the obvious American (and Latin-American as well) religious privilege. They’ve gone for so long without being challenged on the simplist concepts of “religion.” That’s now being challenged by the likes of me and other “firebrand” atheists. And they don’t like it — witness the absolute bullshit that’s going on in the Pence administration.

    2. Douglas – Hate? Not from me. Re-read my posts. No hate there. No profane condemnations. I like Penboy. I disagree with him much of the time, and he has a short fuse and a quick temper, but he’s still one of us and that covers and forgives a lot of faults. Would I do him? Sure, why not.

      I don’t know if Penboy hates me personally or just my faith. You’ll have to ask him about that. And while you’re at it, ask him if he hates any of the other posters he has attacked with such virulent vitriol in his comments. I hope not. I hope it’s just his irrepressible enthusiasm for what he believes is right. Enjoy.

  3. Jelle Florizoone, beautiful blond, who has a very lucky Egyptian boyfriend. Once, Jelle said “I am blond, therefore I am attracted to guys with brown hair.” :-P

  4. 1. The POPE heads a church. LOVE makes the church work. There are one thousand, and, plus, reasons people love. They, we, slave to build churches, or what ever name we / they give them, and worship. There is well over a thousand reasons to use the church, for slavery to death. For LOVE is all. Worship is LOVE.
    2. Devil worshippers love love. Meet them and find it out. Errors makes no purview for the love.
    3. We go to war from our love. We go to war for our love. Error ? Love is no error.
    4. Fall down and cry. You worship that you believe nothing of … fall down and cry in love. THAT is why you fall down and cry. THAT is why your eyes give drops of salt water on the floor. Your atheism will still build a church. Am personal evidence. Beauty and Love work. [Sometimes, ha ha ha ]
    5. The atheists kill Madalyn Murray O’Hair because of her love for freedom. They love her money. Error ? Heaven ? Hell ? But very real.
    6. LOVE this site. Will have to figure out how to pay.

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