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  1. Very nice — “just friends” — some of the best friends.

    The LOOK of this photo reminded me instantly of a long-ago (relatively) video (porn) titled something like: From Straight To Gay (or something like that) — it was in a fairly dark living room and they were making a video “for their girlfriends to watch” (yeah, right). By the time the video was close to finish, both had decided to do “this” a LOT MORE OFTEN.

    1. That video is still one of the hottest on the Net. It seems so real: a couple of up till then straight guys after school experimenting for the first time. I just wish it were a bit clearer. You can still find it and I think you have the name right. The girls had promised them sex if they’d make the film for them. “But no coming” one of the boys says.

      1. This video is indeed a hot and very cute one, two boys exploring themselves and having a good time :-) Simply cute and sexy :-P
        And the shy dark haired cuties has a real monster *slurp* Just pay attention to his friend saying “What do you call this right here?” ^^ Just awesome!

        It is not too hard to find:

        ALso, if you want a better quality, download it and chance color settings and contrast ratio in an editing program (e.g. movie maker) – that’s it ;-))

        1. “Just pay attention to his friend saying ‘What do you call this right here?'”

          Yes, he does have substantial penis. But that question was more directed to his erection because the dark-haired one said just before that he wasn’t ‘turning on’.

      2. “That video is still one of the hottest on the Net.”
        Yes, it is even how dark it is.

        ” I just wish it were a bit clearer.”
        I do too! I still have it in my collection. There are many ‘clips’ of it for just a few minutes. But the original is just over 21 minutes (so you’ll know you have the ‘full’ version).

        “‘But no coming’ one of the boys says.”
        As I remember it, he said, “You promised her no cum[ming], right?”

        1. Glad I wasn’t under oath. I’ll try to bring it up again to see if I saw the 21-minute one. (I think I recorded it as well, but I lose things.)

    1. I have to agree with you Jamoo, I find it equally annoying when folk claim to have found something, but are unwilling to share the link, even to the point of them been smug about it…

      “Look what I found, but I’m not going to share, google it.”

      Some times I doubt they have actually found or seen it.

      If I find it I will happily share the link, as I have done many times before, no time for smug folk.

      1. How incompetent are you with your computer? You have the name and a pretty good search engine to search with. What more do you need? How about stop being so damn lazy and use your fingers to search for yourself?

        I’ve had that video for around 18 years — how the fuck would I know what the link is to watch/download it?

          1. Cute. But knowing (or not knowing) about a torrent hash is totally different from copying & pasting a title offered into a search engine and browsing a number of videos.

          2. Uh, Penboy old chap – if you’d only pasted that torrent hash into a Google session instead of merely asking, all would have been revealed…

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