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  1. 😝Looks to me like the kissie is not all that impressed with the tender Thursday gesture…

  2. The receiver must be thinking,
    “Wtf? My parents are in the kitchen right at the window, so what are you doing? Trying to get me disowned?”

    1. Hahaha

      I think the mother does play a role in the short-film. But I can’t seem to remember if she’s for or against the whole thing.

      1. You can’t just say it’s from a movie without stating from which one… that’s not okay ಠ_ಠ

  3. @saaustin
    ~Thanks for the article inc. the film preview of “Esteros”.
    Was quite happy to see the boys were much more friendly than they may have appeared in the still furnished by Josh… Very much so😘!

  4. There’re two versions of the movie. I prefer the shorter one, in which the boys don’t grow. A man is not a good subject to be loved or have sex with, by my opinion. He has lost his beauty, although his heart may be more adorable. Like many other movies which express love between boys, there’s a sadness of such a relation. Unlike what you mentioned, after watching the movie and reading the story in IMDB, I found that the one who’s kissing, avoids to continue the relation after that. It’s because of his family’s beliefs. At the end, the kissie remains alone and makes the movie a real tragedy. He tries to get closer, but he can’t.
    Like some other movies, I have it, I watched it and I cried with him. Why a human being should not know the value of love? He just begins and avoid to continue. I hugged the boy and cried in my imaginations.

    1. “A man is not a good subject to be loved or have sex with, by my opinion. ”

      By your own stupid “definition” — even a boy can’t have sex with you or love you, either.

      jesus, you really need to clean out your “thinking” blob.

      Amazing that you’ve STILL never recognized just how fucked up your thinking is because of that even more fucked-up religion. Wake up and LOOK IN THE MIRROR.

        1. Thank you, but don’t worry dear horselips. If someone else has told the same thing, it would not be a cause for his anger. This is not the first time he gets angry against me. I don’t know why he has problem with me. Maybe because of my religion! But it doesn’t belong to me. Islam is the religion of mercy, even if he doesn’t think so. It’s better to try to keep calm and enjoy being between friends like you.

    2. “Islam is the religion of mercy”

      Yes, it’s so merciful to shove known and even suspected homosexuals off a roof to their death.

      Yes, it’s so merciful to kill those who can’t help but not believe in that crap so they are killed outright for expressing intelligent thoughts (apostasy).

      Yes, it’s so merciful to kill a young girl or woman just because she can’t find at least 4 other men to testify they witnessed her RAPE.

      That’s only 3 of the dozens of examples of how fucking “merciful” that “religion” is. How you live with your incredibly STUPID inner-self, I’ll never understand.

        1. And you are a fucking LIAR.

          Everything I said is “by the book” sharia. Argue this and it shows just how fucking STUPID you are about your own “religion.”

          And to PROVE YOUR LIES, you feel you have to use another [more gay friendly] flag to post on a gay site — otherwise you would be found out and be put to death.

          1. Her fifth oath being that the curse of God be on her if her husband should be speaking the truth. (24/9)

          2. The woman’s punishment can be averted if she swears four times by God as testimony that her husband is a liar, (24/8)

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