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  1. from ……………… Helix Studios. In other words, a prelude to a gay porn scene.

    Nice, but how about “Tender Thursday [or Tuesday]” from a public spontaneous display — real teens being tender with each other and not just a scene from a gay porn? There must be thousands on the Internet — Tumblr, for example. Request permission from them.

    1. Helix posts are an unobtrusive request for money. He gets a little something whenever someone subscribes to them through the link beneath the photo. (and quite possibly he has to post a link every so often or lose the sponsorship all together)

      1. That’s known as a type of Yellow Journalism — prostituting oneself out for monetary gain under the guise of “journalism.”

        It’s one thing to post advertisements along the borders — I have no problem with that — and doing what you stated in the body of their blog or “reporting.”

  2. @Detractors
    ~Something’s got to pay the bills here and Josh would probably rather have paying advertisers than need beg money all the time so his free blog could keep entertaining you as it has been all these years!
    In addition, the picture is clearly labeled Helix Studios who we all know of.
    😝 Besides, never heard any complaints when the the Helix boys were performing porn for your entertainment…

  3. Unless I’ve missed something, this blog belongs to the young man who has worked endless hours to provide content for visitors to enjoy. He has the absolute right to post anything he wants and we all have the right to view what is attractive to us and pass on anything else. Posting the picture with the company logo fully visible as well as the link underneath makes the source eminently clear.

    Since postings like this provide income that keeps the blog up and running while at the same time offering us the youthful beauty we all enjoy, it’s a win for everyone.

    Great work Josh – wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. On the right is Jessie Montgomery who is now transitioning according to his Twitter ct I saw maybe a yr ago. Left is….Sage Porter..? Both adorable and both have left the business. They were a couple off camera.

  5. . . . and Jesse and Jamie were at one point actually dating. So, while the scene depicted here may indeed be a prelude to hardcore sex (which they’re getting paid for), the nature of their relationship adds a certain potency to it.

    1. “Jesse and Jamie were at one point actually dating. … the nature of their relationship adds a certain potency to it.”

      That the porn-watching audience who doesn’t follow the actors’ personal lives, wouldn’t know about.

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