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    1. Still a cute moment nevertheless. I do think it would be good if Josh would credit the source little more. Unless it’s from a forum or from a site which was taken down, you can pretty much reverse engineer the process by searching the image itself on Google Images. It’s the respectful thing to do.

      1. It’s not a trap per se, because besides her flatter chest and the fact she’s obscured by half the guy’s face, she still seems quite feminine rather than going for a more masculine look.

  1. Too tender boys, too pretty and sweet. The boy on the left is just a dream, and the tenderness expressed by this photo makes me desire much, and miss much.

  2. I’ts even just more attractive to see how the straight blonde hair boy is trying to cuddle his loved tight close to him, and how deep is the love of the wavy brown hair boy in closing his eyes and surrender completely to the love of his boyfriend.

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