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  1. 😘Already have this lovely image on my roll but that doesn’t mean any less seeing it here at milkboys… Beauty is always appreciated!

    1. Have you actually seen “wolfgod’s” dog? Hmmm, it’s my understanding that when he was “doing his deeds,” there weren’t any dogs, but … wolves … unless, of course, you’re insinuating that a wolf was in the “garden of eden” and actually befriended Adam & Eve ………………

      1. My bad. This should have been:
        “Have you actually seen ‘god’s’ dog?”
        Although, my mistake certainly makes it look interesting. :-)

  2. @Long John
    😝Oooh you’re so right, that pic would have looked so much better with them all covered up in board shorts and wearing boxer briefs underneath!
    ~Do keep the oldies but goodies coming Josh, boys are meant to be seen in all their natural beauty…

  3. Such an awesome pic. It just makes you wonder what is going through their heads and..what happens next

  4. They’re beautiful, but this image does not say “tender” to me. It instead tells a story of two friends, one of which has feelings that the other does not share, which is communicated by his completely stiff and resigned acceptance of the embrace. It’s not love when it’s not returned; it’s tragedy.

  5. I think these two boys are really cute, they look good in swimming trunks,, it sounds like a good idea swimming

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