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    1. You can blame YouTube for this. They’ve been making a lot of changes these last few months. Some regular channels I go to are having major financial situations because YouTube refuses to pay the advertisers because of either: content, certain words in their titles, or a lack of viewership (less than 10K per video).

      This is not a coincidence, either … this started immediately around the time Twump was elected in USA.

      So, sorry about that.

      1. “this started immediately around the time Twump was elected in USA.

        So, sorry about that.”

        Ah no, my deepest commiserations.
        The impeachment can’t come soon enough.

        1. “The impeachment can’t come soon enough.”

          I totally agree. But it’s complicated way beyond what you can understand. If that happens, then we have Mike Pence as President and he’s as much of a evangelical lunatic as Twump is STUPID. That’s NOT an exaggeration, take notice of that.

          A member of the House Intelligence committee has now publicly said that when some “go down” some will go to jail (I’m pretty sure he meant/should have said Federal Prison, because there’s a significant distinction between those two). And assuming (hoping) that’s true, Pence may not come out smelling like any rose — another person looking into this said that he will go down as far as Twump — because it is HE that led the entire transition team which means that every single appointment went through him, if not initiated by HIM.

          If that happens, the we could very possibly have a President Paul Ryan (he’s Speaker of the House). And he is just a smidgen above Pence and Twump. And HIS hands aren’t that clean either. Nunes went to Ryan FIRST before going to the White House with his bogus “evidence in favor” of Twump.

          I’ll leave it there … this is a historic time now for our Presidency — not just the job itself, but also for the etiquette for that job which Twump has none.

          1. Don’t upset the hillbilly Trumptard, he’ll be threatening to set the pope on you or shoot you.

            The world is just going to have to ride out the debacle that is Trumpton, ‘cos Pence would take us straight back to the Middle Ages!

    1. Thanks – good find,
      Worked perfectly, unlike other anonymous proxies I’ve tried.

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