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  1. More power to these boys! Behold the power of love. Half a century ago when I was their age this was unthinkable. Even today, the fear of discovery is still there. I cannot shake it. It’s not just me – most of the boys and men I’ve been with were in the closet, including all my recent lovers

    1. And thanks to the 2016 election, the closet door will STAY CLOSED for at least another 8 years — 4 years to get RID of the assholes in the government now and another 4 years to wiggle the door handle to test if it’s OK to open it.

      This is what YOU HAVE DONE with your election of a MENTALLY ILL ego maniac and his billionaire buddies.

      1. I wish you’d be a little more specific in your outrage. I didn’t vote for the cretin and neither did my state.

        1. Joe:
          What is your comment about, anyway? It was obvious I was directing my comment to horsey and all others who voted for the idiot Trump.

          Do you NOT KNOW how to read?

          1. Oh, Penisbreath, you truly are a sad, delusional wreck of a semi-evolved simian.

            Your ignorance continues to plumb new depths and your pathetic rage can only be a symptom of rapidly escalating Alzheimer’s!

  2. Now I love this picture of these two boys kissing they are very cute boys they accept who they are people that are gay that don’t accept themself they must first except themselves is because it all starts I’m the individual to accept themselves so they can take Step 2 and things will work out I would love to see more pictures like this

  3. I think that these two boys are so cute both of them are, I would love to make out with both boys

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