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  1. Very nice. But how about changing this to Thursday Tenders — more than just one photo … after all, there are millions who need “tenderizing” … in this age of “King Trump” (or is it Caesar?)

  2. I just came across the “original” of the video you posted a while back: 12/24/2016
    Understanding [; 02:46]

    Except you didn’t post the proper version, yours was edited to be shorter. Here is the “original”:
    “Understanding” — Kodak gay son ad by Terry Rayment, 2016 Reader Award

    This one is longer: 02:59 and shows a bit more of the story. I still don’t like the editing of the kiss, but this one presents the story in a slightly better light. Why did you post the shorter one?

  3. Tender Thursday 19, I love this picture of these two boys laying in bed, I don’t no if they’re naked under the covers, but they are really cute boys, I would love to be naked under the covers with them two boys when they’re naked, when you see the one boys head is it’s linking against the other boys penis area, he’s lucky, I wish it more me instead, if the other boy is naked the blanket that is over him I will pull it off, and then my face goes first into his private area, I would suck his penis, a lot.

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