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  1. Very nice. Thanks.


    Now, how many will insinuate they would rather play with crabs & lice than see shaved pubes?

    My only complaint is that you’re not referencing the sources like you used to do — artist, country, etc.

    1. Post

      I do whenever I can but it gets harder and harder because on sites like Tumblr basically nobody bothers giving credit to the sources and when I try reverse-searching pictures I usually end up with dozens of pages with results from Pinterest where people are even worse with sourcing.

    2. Would rather feel soft hair down there than prickly shaved hair-ends on my tender face, yes.

      1. There are more ways to ‘shave’ than just using a well-used razor.

        Anyway, are you complaining about kissing a face that hasn’t been shaved for more than a day or so?

        1. Though I’d rather kiss shaved face than a bearded one, I pick my young males to not have facial hair to shave off in the first place! :-P

      2. “I pick my young males to not have facial hair to shave off in the first place! :-P”

        And a great many of them would be under the age of 16. So, how many of those have you kissed and/or had sex with?

  2. I agree with Penboy on this, Wordworth sounds like a perv on this issue. Not saying he is ,but still.
    I sincerely hope he just misspoke or used the wrong type of words…

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