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  1. Nice except for the cute blond’s middle finger.

    I seem to remember this pic ….. pulling from your archives?

    I think I asked this before of this pic — where is it? Australia?

  2. Well he must have a good reason to display his middle finger it seems to me.

    I’ve seen this pic here before too.

  3. Well guys art or snap shots are always up to the ‘eyes of the beholder.’

    Starting from the black haired boy on the left: He is looking embarrassed and with his gesture he is asking for peace and does not want the photo.

    The middle blond is defending and telling the photographer to go FO.

    They are experiencing two different feelings for holding hands in public.

    The dark haired boy on the right is snickering at his two friends.

    Could this be the least ok at school?

  4. It is ironic and sad that at this current point in history, there is probably less boy hand-holding going on in places like this than there has ever been for all of human history.

  5. In America (at least), there will be considerably more hand-holding, hugging, arm around shoulders, and even kissing between boys …. going into the short-term future.

    It’s only natural ….. If we will now allow men to marry each other, then we will be seeing a lot more boy-boy affections … from colleges/universities to high schools to middle schools … and even elementary students (boys will at time emulate what they’ve seen in schools, malls, other public places, not to mention, TV shows, movies, theatre plays, etc. And let’s not forget close buddies at the malls, movies, etc ….. it will become a lot more prevalent in public places.

    And that’s a good thing. It’s about time. I remember when I was going to middle school, we would have arms around each others’ shoulders, even waists. It wasn’t until high school that would stop because of being teased, etc.

    Additional proof of this? Watch just some of the many videos of chat sites, etc and you’ll see so many boys showing various ways of affection to each other …. even in front of girls.

  6. The gesture of the dark haired boy is not peace, fingers are the wrong way round for that. They are both telling someone out of shot to FO.

    1. Exactly. Assuming, of course, that he is from the UK or the Dominions. I would venture to say that the overwhelming majority of US types would call that “Victory” having no knowledge of the other meaning. There’s a newsreel clip of Winston Churchill giving that sign, then remembering and hurriedly reversing his V.

    2. “The gesture of the dark haired boy is not peace, fingers are the wrong way round for that.”

      Or maybe the camera just caught the dark haired boy’s hand/fingers in a position not meaning anything. People walk around doing meaningless hand/arm gestures for no other reason than it’s the way they walk.

      The body and face language of him doesn’t say “defiance” to me. Only the blond is showing some kind of defiance and my guess is just because of the camera catching them holding hands and he knows many others won’t like/accept or even understand their meaning. For the blond, this may be his “uncompromising [public] position”.

  7. If societies would just leave people alone to be who they are internally (as well as externally), even the most “masculine straight” boy could/would appear “gay” being with his friends just because he’s demonstrating true companionship with other boys.

  8. The boys’ fingers are entwined. That displays affection. They are at an age of rebellion and are quite prepared to show defiance, here with a V-sign and the ‘digitus impudicus’, probably because one of their mates is photographing them. The background is not quite right for England and so I would venture Australia where both signs would be clearly understood.

  9. Well they bolth seem to be telling the camera to F Off. In many cultures the peace sign with the back of the hand facing towards somone is the same thing as the middle finger.

  10. Maybe the blond one is saying, “This finger is going up his arse tonight, the little dirty bitch”. And he answers to blondie, “Oh could you make it two fingers, you big cocked stud?”

    1. Your posts always makes me chuckle, at least, if not outright laugh. They make me want to grab your little cottontail and wiggle it all around. :-)

  11. I love this picture tender Tuesday13 one thing I love about this picture is the two boys in there well there is three boys but there are two boys holding hands there not afraid of who is singing them they are just being themself that’s why I love this picture because the boys are so cute and there just being themselves

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