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  1. Very nice ….. the design is so-so …. but the “canvas” is beautiful! More canvases, please?

  2. I wish I knew what the venue of this pic was – here’s a teenage boy, nude, in public, surrounded by fully dressed people of all ages, getting his body painted. The whole scene is wonderfully incongruous and the boy is sexy as hell.

      1. Wow. that boy has guts! To stand there, the only one naked, in front of all those folks – people have bad dreams about being naked in public. I wonder if he ever gets an erection doing this. I’m sure the ‘artist’ does. I know I’d get a woody painting that hottie. Surprised the police didn’t arrest him and the artist both.

        1. “I wonder if he ever gets an erection doing this. I’m sure the ‘artist’ does.”

          That was probably taken care of before the undressing & painting at home (I would guess) …. also being nervous can keep an erection “at bay” (and sometimes cause it as well).

          If you compare the photos “before” at the link below, you’ll see a smaller, “softer” one before the one selected by josh … which shows just a tiny partial erection/erecting?

          [My eyes are well trained for noticing the differences ….. lots of “practice”.]

          1. “Wow. that boy has guts! To stand there, the only one naked, in front of all those folks – people have bad dreams about being naked in public”

            Especially if that dream still came true and you were seen in that park by your parents, teacher, or little sister {shudder}.

          2. @Fizzbin:
            “and you were seen in that park by your … little sister {shudder}”

            Or, she just might think, “Hmmmm. After all those baths in the tub together … now I see how you’ve grown.”

            Or, “Now I know what you’ve been doing after dinner those nights with your door closed.”


            Just a little fun. :-)

      2. Thanks for the link to the explanation. I had guessed NYC based on the hexagonal pavers — very trademark New York City.

  3. If I remember correctly, I saw a video quite a while back of the same guy painting that same boy on the streets of NYC…. it that’s the case, they might be in Central Park. Of course, I could be remembering wrong.

  4. damn..where can I sign up for this job???

    looks like the boy behind him has a nice tush too.

          1. Let’s see if this works from my dropbox. If it does I’ll do more this weekend. But this one has what you want:×32/1/_/1/2/DSC07267.jpg/EPLSsbIEGDcgAigC/DzYWMdkV7SNuFEAmU_X2bfPj4hn5M_8u8urjqoknPIM%2CKDKYvEhh9-0Ae_eu17L1dL45-4YQtU_dbsqXy8rD6h4%2CiWiID0KANMxbPQ1TxpYDELBprCuf-QbrHZOUwzYSZH8%2COHed12kjchjqwaRhFLyQl2KN-ZkbR4t4e8KECEKh3y8%2CUF2DXAcUfwcL0ef6luG2b0aEZk9mXK61QEyuVYzWhyE%2CsforwHdP6JrianxPiNFQhA5dUnytjrf3Ao-Grdqww9I?size=1280×960&size_mode=3

          1. That shows. :-) Just wasn’t expecting the added milk [chocolate] “jugs”.

    1. Thanks. They’re all nice. I was just teasing about the “jugs” …..

      “last one. All chocolate.”
      No one’s going to be calling you a “food racist,” will they? :-)

      1. I know you’re just joking but every year I have long conversations about that. And this year (the bunny pics) my female staff is African American and so she and I talked about it. We even debated if the answer changed if we painted her in white chocolate. We trusted that people would enjoy the spirit in which we did it…and buy chocolates.

        1. @Gfron1 – I know all these boys you posted about and even have harder ;) pics of them! Adam and Anthony!

    1. I am unaware of this commentary Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rule – Tax the Churches (HBO) . The tax the church versus the church tax you problem / question ( quite real in the ‘religion-free’ USA in the 1700’s ) is old ( 2500 years old by my readings ). I just now read in the Wall Street Journal from April 9 / 10 Saturday / Sunday edition a quote from Thomas Sowell. They quote from his Basic Economics, 2011 fourth edition. saying ” Unfortunately, the real minimum wage is always zero, regardless of the laws….. ” Blah Blah Blah … now you know your worth, you slave. ‘Please Stop Helping us’ is a new book by Jason L. Riley and he is on tv and the he repeats the very same phrase. Who is the liberal, who is the cancer, who is the capitalist, who is the master wanting slaves ?

      1. “No offense,” but that made no sense whatsoever. Couldn’t even find a purposeful thought in there.

  5. You should come to the Hollywood Street Scene at Halloween. Quite a few painted bodies walking around.

  6. I think this boy is so cute actually I see two cute boys, the one guy is pointing to this boys penis, that boy has a nice penis I would love to suck his penis.

  7. Oh’ and videos. Adam is super hung; you didn’t do justice posting flaccid pics! >:) you’re massive too, mr. eight inches six around! Mouthful and mouthwatering. :P

  8. Aye, for those asking it’s Adam Arrey – Silver City and Anthony Albidrez – Las Cruces. Former employees of gfron1. Cute and sexy and one is gay! Anthony for being so tall is tiny. As you can see in the pics he provided.

  9. By the way the harder pics of these guys and even a special certain local hot ass sought after twink that slays every one on this sight (that gfron1 only called “cute” but wants to fuck his “sexy” husband just because he himself is a whore) that is married are available by request. Even gfron1’s pics and videos. He ain’t a twink but he packing-ish. With a small cum shot. His name is Rob Connoley. He’s married, old as hell, and whore. :) he’s super shady and sketchy and petty. But has an okay cock. And is a local famous chef. Kinda sorta. Or was. But exhausted the town and now he’s on to younger and tighter guys. I have stories from every think and employee he had. Woof.

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