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  1. The ART is great, I can see he’s a very good looking guy underneath that art and, as a plus, I love the paper rose as well.

  2. After looking at this a few more times, I FINALLY noticed the owl on his arm (teach me to look at more than just the obvious on this blog) . Now I like it even more than before (I love owls).

  3. Off topic…
    ❦It appears as if Mr.Josh has reached his goal at Go Fund Me and now will be able to afford that new computer. Hopefully they’ll even be some extra to go towards those expensive operating costs that he incurs yearly running this site.

    This is a unique blog offering something for everyone in the LGBT community thanks not only to Josh and his admin’s efforts behind the scenes but also all his loyal members who not only continued to visit over the years but also aided financially in times of need both now & in the past which kept their milkboys afloat.

    I personally would feel lost not having mb’s to visit on a daily basis. Long live milkboys!
    Thanks for being there! …ƌℯѵιʟ♨

  4. Hey Josh, we got you to your goal because we love you and what you do here. I did find you comment that you thought you would not get even one dollar amusing

    All my Love

    1. “I did find you comment that you thought you would not get even one dollar amusing”

      And true — not one “dollar”. He’s received 2,500 Euros as of this post.

      Of course, how many of those 40+ donations that needed to be converted is anyone’s guess.

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