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  1. Penboy, Can I ask why in the USA the term Person of Color is used instead of African American? I can understand not using offensive terms in this day and age. But even where Red Indian is obviously no longer used it went from Red Indians to American Indians to Amerindians to Native American to First Nations. Follicly Challenged, Vertically Challenged, Horizontally Challenged. A lot of people are challenged? Even I as a Liberal person can’t get my head around these. I’m waiting for 4 leggedly challenged or sheep/goat shaggers and Celebrally Challenged for Trumptards. 🤣

    1. @whiterabbit:
      “Can I ask why in the USA the term Person of Color is used instead of African American?”

      Essentially it’s nothing more than a politically correct way of mentioning/including everyone other than “whites”, i.e., Caucasians. It’s used so that the user of this phrase doesn’t have to mention anyone/any race specific.

      My use here was just to play on the paint colors on his body — nothing more … I would think it’s obvious on the play of words.

    2. What ‘s wrong with ‘black/white/red/yellow/whatever human’, coz that’s what we are. It’s all about colors here, lol

      1. “What ‘s wrong with ‘black/white/red/yellow/whatever human’,”

        When have you ever actually seen a red Native American; or a yellow Asian [for what those colors are supposed to represent]?

  2. Probably not going to be a popular comment, but I thought the idea of full body art was to disguise the person was naked rather than make it obvious.

    1. Why would you think that? It’s just using body areas for a “canvas.” And for the “message” the artist wants to convey (including tattoos).

      One of my favorites is one that shows an elephant’s “head” and the penis becomes its “trunk.” I think it”s tattooed, not sure, but the detail is wonderful. You can find many pics of it all over the ‘Net.

    1. Personally, I’ve always thought that maple and oak leaves were the most attractive of all the tree leaves. And for maples, for me, it’s the sugar maple and of course it’s beautiful range of colors in the Autumn. Oaks are a very close second — Red, Pin oaks, then white — the stature of both of these trees are the best (my opinion).

      Of course, after living in the Rockies for so many years, I rate the “Quaking” Aspen an easy third — it’s one of the poplar family.

  3. I wonder if Milo rats a lot of corn. He’s turning into the Jolly Green Giant. Ho. Ho. Ho.

    Is Josh and Milo an item? I would like to see Josh in a pair of yellow budgie smugglers. C’mon Josh, show us your cock.

    Penboy, my favourite tree is the Scots Pine. Like the States, we have National Symbols. National animal can be Lion, Unicorn or Stag. National bird, the Golden Eagle. National Fish the Salmon and National Flower either the Thistle or the Bluebell. I wasn’t insinuating anything Penboy. Its over here as well. People are quick to be triggered. Even keeping a door open for an older lady can get you a mouthful of abuse from a feminist.

    1. “National animal can be Lion, Unicorn or Stag.”

      You have a fantasy ‘animal’ as a National Animal? I’m curious as to HOW they teach your young how it “lives.”


      Well, I guess America has its own “fantasy animal” as well —- “god” and its offspring, “jesus.”


      “That should read, ‘eats a lot of corn’ ”

      That clears it up …. I was thinking you have a massive rat problem. :)

    2. The state tree here in Arizona is the construction cone, which is always in bloom – itsbright orange and white stripes are endearing, to the point that they are planted along practically every roadway in town and along the shoulders and medians of every highway. You oughta see ’em.

      1. I’ve visited Arizona and done research on it, what you are saying is just BS. Why do you have to lye in every post, you are so pathetic.

        1. Uhmm, you did research on what was obviously a tongue-in-cheek satirical post? LOL. Keep up the good work!

          1. OK, horsey, I have to give it to you for this one. I think most of us caught it immediately.

    3. “National bird, the Golden Eagle.”

      Wow. I didn’t know you had Golden Eagles over there. I would have thought that they would be some slight variation of that. They are an absolutely beautiful bird of prey — definitely one of my favorites. I just didn’t know — but great. Just like we have the Bald Eagle as our national bird [it beat out the Turkey] and your areas have more of what’s known as “Fishing Eagles” or something like that — with a white tail or maybe white in the wings/shoulders, but not the white head as our Bald Eagles.

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