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  1. Not too bad, with very nice bodies, good looking as well. Too bad the ‘design’ and colors are so intense — intending to show off the colors — but less with the potential design — they’re so elementary in selection as to do more hiding than displaying any nuanced art he might have applied. I suspect it has more to do with “hiding” the genitals than the actual ‘art.’

  2. Good looking, very nice bodies and even an erection — yet only ONE other comment on this photo — and after 3 days?

    1. Suspect that = such is our faults, Penboy, and, some others. Those that “dare” contradict us, and, as we we counter their contradicts, feel as if they are not welcome. Our contra-dicks make others feel out of it.
      – Do welcome and WANTall contra-dicks to anything we do write here. Such makes this site real.
      – Do here challenge any and all. Be real. Do challenge.
      – Those who hate us queer fag odd other types of people, do like to see and want to see and read your opinion. How dare they come here and write. Fun to re-choreograph their idiocies. or, their oddities.

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