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  1. Very nice … very interesting artwork and very nice colors too. And the artwork quite literally points to his penis and testes — which in themselves are already an interesting set of natural artwork before any paint is applied.

  2. Normally I prefer people nude, but in this gentleman’s case I would gladly make an exception.

    1. Why don’t you tell us WHY you hate it so much instead of just stating in 3 words only?

      Btw, you’re a horrendous speller — for being a British national.

  3. I’ll never understand why people like Eddie (above) feels the need to be critical when often times the subjects or artists that are posted follow this blog. Brandon does read this and really doesn’t need some anonymous asshole spouting off about what they like and don’t like. If you don’t like his photography then STFU and don’t look at it or buy it. There are plenty of us who appreciate his art.

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