Teenage Dance

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Andrew, who’s playing the main character, submitted this and wrote: “Here’s a short film I acted in called Teenage Dance about one teen’s decision whether to attend their school’s dance as they appear or want to appear in their dreams.

The short film was featured on CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) this past July [2014], and at LGBTQ film fests in Toronto, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Kingston, and Albuquerque (where it screened in a shorts series with your recently-posted film Hey Kowalski!). It’s also on a youth issues compilation DVD curated by the International Film Festival Rotterdam and used for sensitivity training by a consulting firm in Scotland.

I was cast because as a genderqueer person, the director felt I understood this character’s emotional background and journey.
Hope your fans enjoy it! “

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  1. — There is no such thing as mere gender nor sex in nature. There are a variety of reproductive practices, more than frogs and fish. Only we as humans see and so describe any such at all and give any such names as we humans see them. To think all apes and chimpanzees are sexually aware of their sexual identity is an absurdity. What any identity is at all is a purely human ability. Please remember the various yeasts, bacterium, viruses, and the new infectors.
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  2. This is fairly interesting. I had thought this person would be dancing at the school dance, but he takes a more psychological view toward his “date” which gives it a nice turn.

    The only thing I didn’t like is the extreme close-up of [his/her] face and seeing the “pancake” makeup used. I think the bare face would have been better (my thoughts). But, I’m glad [he/she] used a more subtle lipstick instead of some glaring red (or other color) — it keeps the lips looking more “natural”.

  3. “…Lola La-la-la-la Lola Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola…” The Kinks

    The Kinks got it right – at least Lola made a decision and went with it. The kid in this video is indeed mixed up, muddled up and shook up. If he/she/it is your type, go for it. I like my boys to be all-boy and my girls to be all-girl. Masculinity and femininity are not uniquely human concepts – males and females throughout the mammalian world behave differently, each fulfilling specific gender roles, or guess what – they don’t get to reproduce.

    Call me a gender-Neanderthal, a sex-role primitive, but I delight in my masculinity, and I’m wildly turned on by the masculinity in other boys and men. I’m fine being dominant or submissive depending on the power of the lover I’m with. It’s all good. And when I played with girls, I found the feminine wiles to be intriguing and challenging, and I loved playing the great game of attraction, ice-breaking, and finally seduction.

    There is nothing wrong with the traditional roles males and females have assumed through the ages. I don’t care whether they’re taught or instinctive, nature or nurture, I do know they work for 99+% of the population in every higher species. That natural endorsement is a pretty good recommendation.

    1. I almost said in my comment above that I couldn’t wait for your response knowing pretty much what you would say …. and you didn’t “disappoint” me [us].


      “Masculinity and femininity are not uniquely human concepts – males and females throughout the mammalian world behave differently, each fulfilling specific gender roles, or guess what – they don’t get to reproduce.”

      Interesting …. in the bird world, it’s the males who are the showiest and has the brightest colors and “designs” and who is expected to “show off” to the waiting females to accept (if they “choose” to) them for reproducing and raising their chicks — some males doing nothing but supplying food, others who will do everything the females do including incubating the eggs.

      Then we have “intelligent” humans who seem to have reversed some of those roles with the females “expected” to be the showiest and most colorful with their clothing, jewelry and makeup and societies seem to prefer to have their males more “drab” but show “muscle.” But, similarly to female birds, female humans also expect their males to assist in the raising of their offspring with feeding, clothing, and other parental duties.


      “Call me a gender-Neanderthal, a sex-role primitive, ”

      OK, since you insist. Should we expect you to carry a big club and support the females by dragging them by the hair?

      Somehow, I think you should watch this music video (don’t worry, there are English subtitles, Neanderthal). It reminds me of you (I think):


      1. Regarding the bird world, we don’t call birds bird-brained for nothing. But they did get something right – their preference for dramatic male plumage. We humans are really no different from the lower animals. The males strut their stuff, and, barring seduction, rape or alcohol, the women decide who gets to mate.

        Prior to the fall of Napoleon in 1815, males were colorfully attired. Male fashion was extravagant and complex. An anonymous suicide note has survived from a French nobleman attending the court of King Louis XIV stating simply, “all this buttoning and unbuttoning.” We entered our dun-colored age amid the carnage of a war ravaged and politically volatile Europe. The Victorian Age, publicly polite, discreet, and inhibited, but privately as debauched as every other age before it, sponsored moderation in male fashion in all things except military uniforms. it didn’t last long – as soon as WW1 was over men became flamboyant with slicked hair, pinstriped suits, spats, bright white ties, and a wide assortment of stylish hats. Decorative handkerchiefs, large corsages and boutonnieres were all the rage. we were gorgeous. Women went full-retard flapper.

        After WW2, a sobered and broken world again withdrew into sedate fashions. The Cold War was on, with real hot spots all over the place. Then came the 60s and 70s. Men and boys went totally flamboyant – they grew their hair long, wore highly decorative clothing – bell-bottom trousers, tie-dyed shirts, and just look at the costumes on those rock bands! Wow. And to make sure the package was the center of attraction, those trousers were often skin tight, leaving little to the imagination. Shorts were, uhh, very short, and swimsuits were either speedos or very skimpy. It was a wonderful time to be alive. Tattoos and piercings were still rare, the obesity rate was a fraction of what it is today. The whole country was a throbbing mass of creamy smooth teenage skin stretched tight over firm young muscles, and we were happy to get naked and shower together in school locker rooms.

        Then we got stupid again, idiotic fashions were created like board shorts, and wearing layers of clothing to swim in. WTF! But that didn’t last long either – enter the metrosexuals, male makeup and male-oriented beauty salons offering manicure, pedicures, hair tinting, streaking, and permanents. High quality grooming was back! And this time it included manscaping.

        Teenage boys were still stuck with loose-fitting layered clothing, all but hiding their bodies and manhood. The advancing gay agenda, and the paranoia surrounding internet pedophiles, resulted in desperate styles to protect the young from sexual predation and exposure to incurable STDs by covering boys up as much as possible, killing K-12 Phys Ed (gym) and abandoning the locker rooms and showers. After all, what if there was a gay boy in the class, or even worse, what if the gym teacher liked what he got to see while handing out towels? (!!!)
        The counter-attack of low-riding jeans, muscle shirts and spiked belts helped a little but finally, in massive stylistic disobedience, boys did the only thing left they could do – they simply half-way pulled their pants down. Sagging! That crotch and tight bubble butt needs to breathe, and more important, to be seen. After all, numerous polls revealed girls are very interested in a boy’s ass – a tight set of buns is an indicator of fitness and sexiness. As a guy who also looks at male ass, I would say the ladies have it right.

        One more object of male plumage – a serious display of money. From showing up in a high-end car to picking up all the tabs on an expensive night on the town, and retiring to a professionally decorated abode stocked with single-malt Scotch, imported beers and wines, and exotic horses’ ovaries, a bulging wallet can be as sexy as…well…a bulge.

        1. @horsey:

          Thanks!! That was a great read. :-)

          And I had thought of mentioning our famous pimps with their wild & “tricked out” Caddys (could they have been any bigger?). :-)

        2. @Mr.Horselips
          ❦Per usual an excellent ‘piece’ of male history, not only complete but most enlighting😀!

  4. @penboy
    ~That actually was a very lovely film, thanks.
    Now if you could just ease off your all consuming hatred for everything concerning God or religion and contribute more wonderful things like that I’d think you’d be much more appreciated by all. On deaf ears I know…

    1. @Pedrito/Bruce:
      “Maybe I am stupid, but I dont get it. Captain?”

      I’m not entirely sure, but I interpret this as a “thought process” by transgender[?] that is mentally and emotionally questioning a prospective “date” for a dance.

      Maybe some of you see this differently? If so, please express your opinions.

  5. I hope I’m not the only one that wishes they could jump through the screen and take zes hand and dance with zem.

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