Thousands of US Teens will undergo “Gay Conversion”

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More than 75,000 American teenagers aged 13 to 17 will face gay conversion “therapy” before they turn 18 according to a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA School of Law, a university located in California.

According to the research, around 20,000 queer kids will receive the controversial treatment from health care “professionals”. Another 57,000 will undergo treatment from religious or spiritual charlatans. The research further found that approximately 698,000 queer adults already received conversion therapy. 350,000 of them received it in their youth.

Conversion therapy posits that pseudoscience or religion can “cure” people of homosexuality. Professional health associations condemn the practice and have consequently called on the U.S. Congress and politicians to pass laws against it.

“Our research shows that laws banning conversion therapy could protect tens of thousands of teens from what medical experts say is a harmful and ineffective practice,” said Mallory, one of the authors of the study.

Indeed, the study reveals 6,000 people would have received conversion therapy before 18 if it hadn’t been for state laws banning it. So far, nine states, Washington D.C., and 32 localities have banned health professionals from practising it. Recently, New Hampshire failed to pass a law banning the practice.

Professionals link the practice to severe mental health problems and suicide.

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  1. The reason I was terrified of my parents as a 1960s teenager in England was because I knew I would be taken to hospital and electrocuted “for your own good dear” had they ever had a clue I was, not gay, but one of those horrid queers. So they never discovered my, then, awful secret

    I already knew I would kill myself first.

    When I was 50 or so I came out to my mother, and asked her about what she would have done. “We’d have taken you to see a doctor, dear.”

    Attitudes in the UK and Europe have changed since then. The USA has always been slow to enter the civilised world. Look at Black Emancipation.

  2. The cited paper explains how they arrived at the huge estimate for the number of teens at risk of conversion therapy. The estimate does seem to be couched in the future tense.

    However, bear in mind the “rule of 50,000”: During the vietnam war, 50,000 Americans were killed in Viet Nam. At the time, everyone “knew” [of] at least one of them: hairdresser’s nephew, former classmate, etc. etc. In my case, it was a classmate’s brother (who lived sort of down the street from me).

    Any time someone cites that “more than [x, where x > 50,000] American [somethings] [have some property]”, if you don’t “know of” at least one of them, be suspicious. By way of example, some statistics cite tens or hundreds of thousands of kidnappings per year. All but perhaps 1% are ‘spousal abduction’, a sort of re-definition of the violent sort of kidnapping we might associate with kidnappings we see in the movies.

    Read widely! Be skeptical when appropriate. Trust but verify.

    And if you meet a confused kid, counsel and encourage them in appropriate ways!

    1. At least this one spelled out how they arrived at their numbers. All to often these “studies” go viral when they only give vague references to where the numbers come from or without making any mention of it at all… or worse, just blatantly make up the numbers hoping no one will notice.

  3. Good news – the New Hampshire (USA) conversion therapy law lost by one vote, and it was because one legislator misunderstood the way the question was framed. He was actually in favor of the bill and has asked for reconsideration. That means it will be voted on again, and most people expect it to pass this time with a pretty good margin since a number of liberal legislators who missed the last vote are back in their seats.

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