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  1. Black and White [sidewalk] surfers — The Beach Boys would never have known. :-)

    I’ll be damned! There really are black teens in the world! — and maybe gay too? :-)

  2. It’s hard to believe that “so many” visit this page (board members?) yet so few will post anything. This is like some “gay desert.” Where are the rabbits? Snakes? Desert tortoises? Cacti? Hawks and Owls?

  3. Relax Penboy. The last couple of posts have been pretty lame – nothing worth saying about either of them. Hopefully it’s almost time for a political post, something more cutting-edge, more thought provoking, or simply sexy as fuck – like we’re used to seeing here. Patience is a virtue.

  4. @horsey:
    ‘The last couple of posts have been pretty lame – ‘

    for you, maybe.

    You mean, you didn’t like Barby Boy?

  5. I noticed the sox were the same as well, I would like to have been the photographer getting the picture set up with them walking around, I think that would have been nice.

  6. Just two ordinary boys, one black one white – nothing special and this photo is soooooo old – time for new stuff ffs.

  7. The sexual tension in this is terrific—enhanced by the racial difference. Who will be bottom? Who will be top? Who is oral; who is anal? Who the fuck cares about the socks!

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