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  1. WHO know not a knot. May be we need send in a big cat to make this model stand up and get an accounting ( or, buy a subscription ).

  2. Those door hinges are awful.
    Door can only be a hollow plastic leaf. Suspecting what looks like a nice clean line modern apartment is probably somewhat trashy.

      1. There is beauty in so much. Not only guys.
        Carpenters and cabinet makers, artisans in general are seldom appreciated for their artistry and skill. Far superior to any popular or fleeting media person of the moment.
        You drool upon certain sculptures sometimes pictured here. Sculptures that last thousands of years.
        Give credit where credit is warranted and call out the worthless when it bothers you.
        We all deserve a good door in our lives now and then.

    1. That’s a Japanese apartment. What you see is half of the house. Boys sits in (on) the kitchen. Bathroom is on the left, living room behind. Do you really need DOORS? Or anything more heavy than a leaf of paper?

      1. Japan suffers from widespread acceptance of horrid city living conditions and at the same time japan has always had a history of the very best craftsmanship.
        It’s sad to be caught up in some kind of social loyalty where so many ordinary people have a tough life indeed.
        I worked for a Japanese company for 31 years but steadfastly refused to live there.

        Live in a tent if you want to. Lots do.

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