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  1. If you posted this very late on Tuesday, or very early on Wednesday, it could just as well be “Teasing Tuesday with Wonderwear Wednesday.” :-)

  2. I’d love this picture this boy he is wearing his underwear blue underwear but you can tell that he’s got a hard-on you can tell that he has a nice penis because the shape his farming around his penis in his underwear you can tell it’s not I love it

  3. I love this picture of this point he’s wearing his underwear but you can tell he has a hard-on he has a lung penis and it’s waving in his underwear looks pretty cool he has a nice penis I would love to suck it.

  4. EVEN if this person is a he/she or a she/he or a third sex, or, a fourth sexuality, a some thing else, or, a some not of a know, and, no matter how this persons gets excitement in 100 plus ways, this person’s body can get “it” only as this person’s physicality allows. WHAT EVER ELSE this person is doing and thinking and being, no matter how many parts of the body get in on it all, ONLY the genitals make this person do / have any sex. No matter how much alcohol, drugs of whatever types, no matter what … only the genitals make sex.
    — Is this writer wrong ? Then allow this writer a difference with no complaint.
    — The post offers nothing but this person’s allowance and … desire to accommodate. ha ha ha

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