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  1. Well they both have very nice “tan lines”! And maybe they need some help drying off, I’ll be glad to volunteer. LOL

  2. No, you’re not showing enough of your tanlines, we need to see the FULL lines — to make sure you aren’t lying. Drop those towels!

  3. One wonders what magic would it take (especially in my case) for those gorgeous boys to find someone attractive? With athletic bodies like that, and I’m sure they are athletes, they certainly don’t have to ‘settle.’

  4. As per the latest tone of this site, these are two NEUTERS. As the comments at first show, these are a “THEY”. Except one who dares say these two THEY’s are “boys”. GENDER NEUTRAL makes this a photo of two of THEM.

    1. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If to you they’re ‘them’ that’s fine. Enjoy ‘them.’
      But to me, they’re breathtakingly beautiful teenage boys with mouthwatering bronzed bodies and I’d love to swap fluids with both of them.

      Whether they’re gender neutral or hot-as-fuck living monuments to irresistible adolescent male masculinity, both possessing an animal magnetism far beyond mere gravity, is a question best pondered by hemlock-swilling philosophers. In the meantime, I’m beating my dick like it owes me money. Enjoy.

  5. — These faceless lures need some of us to expose them for what they really are, face to face. To actually physically do that is an exciting fantasy. To make them wet and wild continues that play.
    — There does exist at least two sites for neuters. Meaning, self neutering.

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