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  1. Very very nice tease indeed. Beautiful model boy and leaves a lot to the imagination and love the black and white conversion.

  2. Didn’t I see him before but with a transparent skateboard standing next to a sugar maple tree?

  3. — He looks as if wanting to know why we are looking. ha ha . Do we teach him a lesson about looking ? Or, teach him to stop playing around and hiding and teasing us ? Or, both ? It is either those two forceful physical training sessions, OR, a cash flow interrupt. The boy model attracts.
    — But, if he is a branch of Penboy’s sugar maple tree, it MIGHT be that WE have a, different, uh, problem. MAPLE TREE IMPS are powerful SWEETS.

    1. There’s a great looking E-Euro video of a cute guy (18-22?) skateboarding down a lonely highway nude except for a helmet and shoes and his 2 buds following (and in front of {yum}) him in a car shooting the video. Fun video! Look it up — worth a look!

      He didn’t fall once — he’s a pretty good skateboarder!

        1. I downloaded it probably a year ago … you’ll have to look it up like maybe, “skateboarding nude on highway” or something like that.

  4. As per this naked seeming kyutee tease —- Note that he is in front of wall of leaves.

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