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  1. 😘Still cute!
    Suppose they’ll be a fair amount of balloon poppers out there trying to get the prize beneath!

  2. @ tabaqui – it’s not a fake apart someone has painted out his shorts as can clearly be seen.

    A very cute boy indeed.

    1. “someone has painted out his shorts”

      Yes, I see a hem line on his left thigh. One wonders if the photographer shot it at the “right moment” or the string from the balloon was edited out as well.

    1. Interesting …….. lavender and turquoise short-shorts. Maybe he’s one of us after all.

  3. While there is no question this an incredibly attractive boy, something about the whole SportFotos thing bothers me. I’d love to know more about the back story of how the photographer manages to setup and justify these shoots as “modelling”. Are the parents involved – if not, shouldn’t they be, and if they are, wow – not really sure what to say about that.

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