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  1. There. Just cleaned all the saliva off my monitor. I clicked the pic, so hoping to see what he’s holding in his hand, but alas, it’s not a perfect world.

    1. look at his Instagram. there are some pics which, while not full frontal, leave very little to the imagination.

  2. I am so pleased to see a little diversity on Milkboys! I have wondered why we seldom see African-American or other racial groups represented here. He is a beautiful young man. More!

      1. You just took the words out of my mouth. A lot of Japanese and Korean boys are always on here. I know he’s probably older than he looks but if all his pubes were covered he would look about 12. I’d probably put a coat over him, take him home and get shagged by his 19 year old brother as a thank you. I’m a size queen, and like to be dominated. So under 18’s are no use to me. lol. Nice looking boy btw.

    1. Post

      I’m trying to make sure I don’t just post white folks but I’m always thankful for new sources so if you know any tumblrs, blogs, sites etc that regularly post non-caucasian guys, please let me know.

  3. Find more cute boys no matter what their race, ethnicity, or whatever. What would be great (but probably impossible in a practical sense) is to find cute boys to be highlighted from islamic controlled countries just to show there are (and will be until the demise of humanity) MANY gays in those areas.

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