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  1. Aaarrrggghhh! This is a double tease. We see a heavenly body but the penis is hidden from us, as with all the other Tuesday Teases. But here, we don’t see the face! For me, that is worse than not seeing his genitalia. A boy’s face tells us so much about himself: the clarity and depth of his eyes, his mouth: how kissable is it, has he a cheeky grin or a sexy, knowing, pout. This is too much of a tease for me.

  2. I don’t understand: When I try to grab his shorts with the mouse hand and pull them down, the cursor changes into a “forbidden” sign. Do I need to upgrade my computer? I recall they could do all sorts of shenanigans like this with satellite and security cam pictures in Enemy of the State, even weigh the package inside the shorts to check if it was the genuine thing, or turn around the still picture’s camera angle and look at his ass crack.

  3. OK, this is an awfully ‘crazy’ TEASE. You outdid yourself.

    Whole stories could be written with this one tease photo ……………….
    Whiterabbit, are you noticing? :-)

    And his “Vee” is so enticing as well ……………………

  4. Does anyone happen to recognize either what he’s standing on or the area just past the sandy beach area?

  5. Nothing squicks me more than a shaved genital area. If I wanted to check out prepubescent boys, I would. Real men aren’t afraid of a stray hair in the teeth now and again. I will be quite glad with this trend is over and done.

    1. mfvb, ich liebe dich.
      Absolutely what I have been saying.
      A be-rashed, spotty, scared pubis is not a thing of beauty, whilst you can run your fingers thru a bush plus as you say it’s all a bit paedo.

    2. “Nothing [squicks] me more than a shaved genital area.”
      Nothing [squicks][whatever that is] me more than a shaved head when it’s obvious they can grow plenty of hair.

      “Real men aren’t afraid of a stray hair in the teeth now and again.”
      What about WOMEN who prefer shaved pubes on men? They’re not “real men”? Do the women consider their shaved men “prepubescent”?

      “I will be quite glad with this trend is over and done.”
      Don’t count on it too soon, since this “trend” is pretty much world wide.

      Interesting, the complaints about the pubic area … yet none about the bizarre and stupid looking hair cuts on heads — BOTH men and women.

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