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  1. “There was a young priest who was kinky”
    “Who once sucked on a young teenage boys winkie”
    “When asked, “How does it taste?”
    Said, “Like a sweet almond paste”
    “Or an out of date blue moulded twinkie”

    “Down by the crypt at St Giles”
    “Came a scream that travelled for miles”
    “Said the Priest with the chalice”
    “I think Father Ignalice”
    “Has forgotten the Bishop has piles?”

    1. Yes. You´re asking for source.
      This guy is called Brayan. He´s brazil working as escort in Berlin Germany.
      The photo here is up to date. That´s the way he looks today. I met him a few times. Very handsome. You can find hin profile on “planetromeo”. His handle is BrayanXXX.

    1. Brazilians don’t consider themselves Latino. However, it’s possible he’s of Portuguese ancestry and has little no Indian or black heritage.

  2. Hi guys this is me! And i brasilian guy! In brasil no have only black peoples have much peoples from europa and my grand dad is from madrid! Idk why peoples imagine brasil have only brow peoples😂 .

  3. As good as this boy looks he looks good with his underwear down he is hiding penis I want to see it.

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