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  1. Teasing, indeed.

    I wonder, with today’s millennials, is the above skill the first thing they master on their “smart” phones? [Not that I’m complaining … :-) ]

    1. I really believe if the smartphone would not have existed for them they would have invented it for that purpose!!! isn’t it?

    1. Pleeeze tell us luddites how, from the picture in the post, you found this boy on tumblr. Thanking you in advance.

          1. True, that.
            Surprisingly Google cant’t find tumblr pics. (as I experienced often). One possibility: Walzetou “met” the boy before – or he has him in his bookmarks.

  2. This boy he is very cute he looks good naked I wanted to see his penis you know that he has a nice one and I would love to suck his penis, I would love to keep on sucking it while I’m sucking has penis he would sperm in my mouth, I would love that.

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