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  1. experssion of the self is all well and good, but with facial and finger tattoos there are a great many professions this “kid” will never be allowed into.

  2. I guess horselips is still asleep – otherwise he would have already complained about that guy “mutilating his fine body” or something like that…

    Regarding the choice of jobs: do you really think that every decision in a young person’s life must have the later choice of a job in mind? I assume he couldn’t care less that he cannot go on to work as an underwear model . Even the German police allows tattoos nowadays.

    And why shouldn’t they? I myself am not into tattoos very much but I’m tolerant enough not to be offended by the very sight of a handsome guy with one.

    1. Considering horse lips is an advocate for male infant circumcision, I am surprised he would be against willing body mods, but in favor of forced ones? Although its usually those with the illogical stances that also end up being discordant with their own beliefs.

      1. WTF! I am violently against genital mutilation. I am 100% anatomically correct, with all O.E.M. parts intact, including my tonsils! (Thanks Mom & Dad!) Anybody coming after my foreskin better be bulletproof. Yeah, I’d kill to keep it. My (ex)wife and I also insisted our son remain intact.

        Back to tats – one of the most attractive things about youth is all that creamy smooth skin stretched tight over firm young muscles … boys will never look this good again. The future is plagued with liver spots, skin tags, varicose veins, and assorted wrinkles and sags. If you live dangerously, add in scars and burns.

        Thankfully, the law in my state forbids tattoos until the age of 18; I wish they’d double that. We already stagger the ages of adulthood – you can have a tattoo when you’re old enough to be President. By then, the bloom is off the rose of youth.

        Oh well, regarding this otherwise gorgeous boy, not my circus, not my monkey. Hopefully he still has his foreskin (un-tatted), he’s pretty much wrecked the rest.

        1. My apologies I must have gotten you confused with a different user! (I think it was Penboy)

  3. They actually look more like they were drawn or painted on then like tattoos. The lines look too smooth to be tattoos, but if it is, I want the name of the artist.

  4. Nothing wrong with ink. In the days of sailing ships they were a sort of resume. The problem is, as we age, the force of gravity becomes stronger and the young man’s bird will tire. As for the sharpness of the lines, this is a function of using the proper needle depth. Fuzzy lines are evidence of a poor artist. I don’t care for non tribal body art. With tats you can never be truly naked.

    1. Guess I’m just used to hand tattoos done by amateurs since most local professionals refuse to do ink on the face or hands. Since it’s easier to see the fine details on his hand, that’s what I was going off of.

      Regardless, he better be glad that bird’s not on his thigh when he goes to get it filled in…. that part of the process is torture on sensitive areas.

  5. Gravity actually has a marginal effect on sagging as you grow older. Most of it is caused by degradation of cartilage, hence weaker knees, droopy nose, blah blah blah.

    1. I am aware of the effects of the aging process (from personal experience), I was speaking figuratively, not literally. I have seen, however, a number of tats that haven’t aged well.

  6. Beautiful body work! I have a friend who works in a corporation making over $100,000 a year and he has 4 tattoos. Its interesting to see the older guys speak of tattoos so negatively. While in reality they have become very mainstream.

  7. Sorry to say, but I’ve got a lot of tattoos and I think tattoos are hot as hell but for real his ink is just paint. it is cute thou! :)
    I like dudes with tattoos…

  8. This guy is cute, he is russian and a model. And believe me, he doesn´t care about your comments of his tatoos.

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