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  1. Tattoo Thursday 8 I think this boy he is so cute, I am not one for tattoos but he looks good no matter what, especially half naked in his underwear, I wish that he would take a picture of himself naked, you know he looked really good then get to see his butt and penis yum yum.

  2. Imagine if he had (or will get) hairy arms (and chest?) and what that will do for the appearance of all his tattoos.

    I have an offer for those who like tattoos so much:
    I’m sure our science can do this (one reason: Hollywood movies and TV) and make a [stretchable] surface to emulate human skin and use one of those manikins to stretch this “technology” over all of it and take it to your favorite tattoo artist and just let him have at it. That saves beautiful young [real!] skin and still leaves them with a “body” to put their “messages” on.

    1. Came here expecting an ignorant response from an old, annoying comment troll. Didn’t disappoint.

  3. Wait until he’s in his sixties and gravity takes over. By the way Queen Victoria, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln all had tats.

  4. This boy is abeauty! And I love his Tattoo : beautiful, beautifully made. I am 77 y.o. and I will have a rose tattoed on my chest soon. Under the rose : « Mummy, I lov e you ». For me it will be a reminder of the movie The Rose Tattoo . with Anna Magnani and Burt Lancaster. I was 15 years old. Thank you. It’s fun to be an old GAY.

  5. About twenty-five years ago, tattoos left the prisons in Europe and became fashionable. Many people were “inked”. If you look at these once-awesome graphics today, you can only cry. Not only that the colors went gray.
    Also: what has become from the proud, straight arrow – a fishing hook.
    Boys: Think twice, please.
    I support Penboy´s idea at this point

    1. Thank you. It’s a way to “have your “cake” [tattoo] and “eat” [‘wear’ it on simulated skin] it too. And probably an even better “canvas” for art.

      I can agree that many tattoos are quite beautiful — when first applied. Time, injuries, disease and fading ink take its toll sooner than most think on even the best looking and applied tattoos. It’s even worse on the face/head and neck.

      I just think they spoil the beauty of skin on a human body — even more so when a huge amount of “real estate” is done as a tattoo. You no longer can recognize the original person “under” all that ink.

  6. Oh no the old creepy guys don’t like tattoos on people that will never like them anyway. Go creep somewhere else.

    1. Oh no! The ignorant younger guys don’t like opinions that actually make sense. Go troll somewhere else.

  7. I hate tats. That said, while you girls are arguing I’ll ask this smokin’ hot twink if he’d like to make a fast C-note. Maybe by the time we’re done, y’all should be friends again. If not, if more time is needed, Tat-Boy and I will chill in a long, hot, shower together. That oughta do it. Peace out.

    1. And what makes you think that he would be with you in that way … just for some quickly spent money? Most people don’t engage in sex just for money.

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