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    1. Are you referring to the “dark” area just above the front of his jeans? If so, that’s just the shadow of his jeans (opening flap).

      But, it’s almost to ask, Where’s the tattoo[s}? We can barely see it and certainly can’t make out the “text”.

      I’ve seen a whole lot more with sexier tattoos. I could provide you with plenty to choose from. :-)

    1. “cute lad”

      How would you know? You can’t even see enough of his face to determine one way or another.

      1. Haha, got you again, you bitter old queen !

        Fortunately, my vision is still better than 20-20. I can see exactly what Sean has described below and I happen to have a couple more pix of this intriguing young man.

        1. “and I happen to have a couple more pix of this intriguing young man.”

          Then why don’t you post a link to them?

  1. I see a great pic of a slender boy with a sexy haircut, pert nose, an ear I want to nibble and lucious lips I want to kiss.
    Yes, he IS a cute lad! Thanks Josh.

    Penboy, why do you have to be so negative? Just enjoy the pics of beautiful, sexy boys that Josh provides.

  2. Hi Guys and love to you all!

    “Beach St.?” Where whales die?

    While I agree there is nowhere we can be totally open and San Francisco is the city I live about. Please don’t try to tell me this is not an SF reference. No young person would be left to die around here as this photo suggests.

    The up take of the photo is ‘live o the max! Then die?’

    I want to live long enough to found ‘the 90 year old +’ cock suckers club’; forget dying in a ditch!

    While I do hope to get to 90+ I am not afraid of death. Some months ago I was close due to a lot of blood loss (minor surgery gone arye) . My vision was going and I was “woo hoo!’ bring it on!

    Something tells me all readers of this blog would pick up their cell phones and call for help while doing a first aid number (drum rolls included…)!


  3. Looks like as very thin lesbian to me. Somehow the SOUNDS hateful. I don’t mean it to be; the body . . . pelvis and arms . . . look like those of a girl.

  4. If I saw someone as good looking as him laying on a set of steps like that I would have to go over and give him mouth to mouth to be sure he is breathing. The difficulty would be that I would have lost my own breath seeing him there.

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