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  1. I do not like tattoos that are not easily covered. Having miniature birds flying around your Adam’s apple might make an otherwise useful guy virtually unemployable. I know that I wouldn’t hire him – the neck tats tell me all I need to know about his judgment; and it doesn’t matter if I’m wrong – I’m the company decision maker and my mind is made up. Reality check-life isn’t just about you and your silly little feelings, it’s bigger than you.

    1. Well, it rather depends on the job, too. Particularly if its one where they’ll never SEE the tattoos due to how he’d dress for work.

    2. Then you will miss out at lots of really qualified employees, but it’s your decision to be an idiot.

    3. I disagree. Tats can be beautiful, whether they are visible or just hidden for one’s lover.

    1. ❦Agreed, and a beautiful neck too! Insofar as his tattoos go they’re rather subdued compared to some we’ve seen…

  2. I would not be opposed to hiring him. Should his qualifications be good enough to land him an interview I would try to be open minded.
    Another view on reality check – lots of very employable millenials have tattoos, and I for one feel it would be a shame if any industry were to decide to shame and reject them for it. They are our future.

  3. Awwww, cute, but this boy did it to symbolise smth. Some other ppl, and you’ll know what I mean, are wearing the biggest and most imposing tattoos
    only to show how rough they are…..hope I didn’t offend smwn..

  4. Some employers are like anybody else except they have the hire power, so to say. Who cares about a couple dot size tats ? I just meet yestergay two guys with their entire arms, each with both arms with tattoo coverings. Neither are gay, upon my inquiry, and they walk away from me. The tattoos are nice and clever but cannot get a covering even with long sleeves as their fingers also have tattoos (ugly in these two). Who really cares anyway ? Ugly, look away. Pretty, look. Does any employer not actually look at the applicant ? There are those employers that actually never see the applicant, true, yes, it is rare, but true. Do I care if the store cashier is ugly ? Yes. But I pay anyway. I remember a story that 80% eighty percent of all workers no one ever sees but by accident and fifty percent are never ever visible to the public at all, ever, but by weird accident, seeable to very few, including, of course, the bosses, even then only maybe and only certain ones, and the ones that do the hiring, but they see us rarely after the interview / hiring / refusing / firing . ( Look inside an auto factory or a coal mine … I be there and never ever see but a few outsiders ) In a store I see the workers at the cash register or RX, few times elsewise but only because I look, HA HA, yes, I am one that does look around the whole place and sneak into the back room. A few little tattoos mean nothing. Tone of voice means a lot in hiring as does the life story. etc ♋ ✿◕‿◕✿ and etc

  5. Tattoo Thursday 5 I think this boy he’s really cute, I have never seen tattoos like the one he has on his neck they are small, body looks good.

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