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    1. Not bad. It’s always better when it doesn’t “close up” at the tip [to me] and you can always see the very tip of the glans.

  1. See? Since he obviously wants to show off his tattoo, he’s smart to shave everything …. so all that curly hair won’t provide any distraction to it. And you thought there are no reasons to shave one’s pubic hair …..

  2. Do suspect this is a guy of an X show who shows off a tattoo which looks like a thing to aim its stinger at his thing. The removal of hair is to purify the aim of the sting as well as the aim of any other eyes. [Not all groin hairs are curly.] Some people like a pure plain groin, as in the original PLAYBOY magazine.
    — Do wonder when and why the word “magazine” becomes in regular use for such as for Reader’s Digest and Alfred Hitchcock Mystery “magazines”. Since X magazines, the word has a different meaning as when ever do hear it. As, if maga- means mega, and zine might be obscene. ? ?.
    — This obscene post of this obviously little mega of a scene … oh. shut up. ok.

    1. Good point. It’s “amazing” to me that people who photograph models (X or otherwise) don’t understand the simple concept of light and the imperfectness of our technologies …. be it film or digital memory.

      A simple reflector [neutrally, white] would have eliminated that over-exposure and evened out the light for our technologies.

  3. I”m not bothered by the marginal overexposure…the boy is gorgeous and that’s what we are here for. This is not a photography blog.

  4. LUST makes so many go to the mall to look around and buy nothing. Some 24 hour stores have boys awaiting out side to have LUST make them a living in more ways than cash. Pictures of boys on here are easier. May be 1% of the pictures are thanks giving boys for LUST. Rely on photography ? There is the gay bar. [ Have cab fare ! ]

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