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  1. Ive always wanted a natural, unaltered body, but alas being male in America, AND intersex that was never a posibility- between forced circ, and forced intersex surgery. So I would really love a tattoo I could be proud of.

  2. Q : What do you do with a virgin priest. A : make him a choir boy.
    Q : Why do wives hide their boxes of chocolates A : to doubt the taint. Old joke. The rich do have a marriage legal contract. A bad joke but very funny to thmember Liberace and his boy friend. :U is way way older than the typewriter. Why does the virgin hide the chocolates ?
    Q : Why do some guys want to cut off their dicks and also cut off their balls ? Why do so and want to be a what ? A : Sex is never with no consequence. Personal sexual anile is a new as hands and a rock. Environmentalists hate of sex [ except for there on ] is not of a new by thousands of years. Q : sock it to it A : plug it in

    1. Yes, I see that’s true …. and not only that …. he wants US$10 per month …. and just for this image? I don’t think so.

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