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  1. He’s as gorgeous as the boy in Model Monday #61, except he turned his lovely body into a comic book and mutilated his earlobes. A Zippo lighter? Seriously? Well, they are ‘windproof.’

    1. “A Zippo lighter? Seriously? Well, they are ‘windproof.’”

      Only if you pull the wick out far enough so it becomes a “torch”

  2. With that cross tattooed on his chest, I wonder if he’s thought of “ENTERING THE PRIESThood?” He can enter my “priesthole” anytime he wants.

    1. And its a “cross” that ends in a double-pointed “anchor” — connotations, much? The way people around the world “worship” this symbol dumbfounds me — be it cheap jewelry, tattoos or “art” that hangs on the walls in children’s rooms (including hanging over baby beds as “mobiles”).

      Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above, or that [is] in the earth beneath, or that [is] in the water under the earth

      Talk about hypocrisy — or is it that you just don’t really believe in that bullshit, but are afraid to say it to family and your church?

      1. Btw, that wasn’t to YOU, specifically, whiterabbit, just to the hordes of “religious” hypocrites. (Just to make that clear.)

        1. I knew it wasn’t me you were getting at Penboy. Before 300AD all Christians would feel fear at the sight of the cross. This after all was their punishment, but for what? For not bowing down to statues. The large bearded statue in the Vatican has now been discovered to be from 300BC or their abouts from Greece. The one that all the crowd kisses the big toe of, thinking its St Peter has now been admitted that it is at least 2300 years old statue of Zeus. In ancient Greece all who entered a holy place had to disarm. In ancient Greece you had to raise both hands up with palms out to show you had no dagger, however small. A double Roman salute before the Romans nicked it. In ancient Greek hail was pronounced either Yay or Hay. So Hail Zeus was Hay Zeus. I wonder why that phrase entreed Latin?

          1. Christ is also Greek it means Messiah. So Jesus Christ or Hey Zeus Christos, (Jesus Christ) means Hail Zeus, Messiah. The fish was the Christian sign as Fish in Greek using the first initials spelled out, in Greek, Jesus Christ, Son of God. The anhir and the lamb was also Pre 325AD signs of Christianity. What I asked a priest at 13 which he tried to answer was, “If Jesus is God, who was he talking to on the Cross?” “My God, my God, why art thpu forsaken me”, and “Forgive them Father, they know not, what they do”. I was told to stop asking questions. For an early Christian to over an offer g to a statue of Zeus or the Emperor would earn them a certificate to show that they repented and were religious again.

            Many pagans thought Christians wete heroics or even atnhiezts be a use they did not worship statues. Many Celtic God’s were made into Christian Saints, Pagan holidays became Christian, The get manic tribes celebrated Easter with eggs they believed wete hatched from a rabbit. The ancient Celts celebrated December 22nd, the shortest day with feasting, dribki g and gifts. The Nordics had their Yule Log. In the Middle East they celebrated, Sol Invictus, the Unconquered son, who was born o. December 25th and died for 3 days at the Spring Equinox before being ressurected 3 days later. The first Nuns were VestalVirgins. The first Monotheistic Religion was 3800 years old from Egypt when the Pharaoh forbade the worship of statues and ordered that the Sun be worshiped instead. It was he who popularised the Ankh and made the Sun the only God. He was the Sun reborn as such was worshiped as the Son of God. It was him, not Moses who initiated a day of rest and worship. Maybe he was the real Moses. A just Pharaoh who tried to make his People worship 1 God only. Of the old Gods I’d God’s I’d Egypt the one he foy d impossible for the people to stop worshipping was Isis with her son Horis. She was worshiped as the perfect Mother, the Queen of Heaven, blessed among women.

    2. “What I asked a priest at 13 … I was told to stop asking questions.

      This exact thing happened to me as well, at least twice — the first time to a catholic priest around 11 yo and the second when I was around 15 to a so. baptist pastor. And BOTH said essentially the exact same thing following [the above]: “You need to have more faith for the answers to come to you.” And the most pathetic part of this is the first time I was with my mother when the priest told me that — and she did nothing to dispute this bullshit of “faith” [most probably because her oldest brother was a catholic priest just outside of New Orleans, LA.].

      Oh, why oh why, wasn’t Neil de Grasse Tyson famous back then with his talks?

  3. Suspect that all the above are guys who like this guy and VERY MUCH like his tattoos [real or not]. Do enjoy all that stuff they say. This also shows that sex is, amongst us humans, oh so also very intellectual. Being a non-believer, am not going to say anything. THANK YOU guys. Tattoos are exciting.

  4. He has a great face, doesn’t look dumb enough to get those ugly tattoos drawn with permanent ink.. I will volunteer to take a soak in my bath tub with him until that magic marker come’s off

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