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  1. He’s quite good looking. But here’s a burning question to those getting tattooes:

    Why would you have a word or image tattoo inked on an area that makes it impossible for you to read or see without a mirror? And even then, it will be in reverse.

    I do like the Barn Swallow tattooes. :-) They are beautiful birds in flight.

  2. That site you have linked has some very interesting pics. A bit further down shows a cat on a chess board. He better not have that cat see those Barn Swallow images!

  3. Don’t really like tatts, sorry. Spoils a beautiful body, in my opinion. And try getting rid of them later in life, nasty experience leaving ugly scars.

  4. I think the tattoos might be wash offs, maybe? That way he can alter anything as ‘needed’? He is not a good, to me, model, but, nice anyway. But the ear things look odd to me. [Words backwards are for special purposes ONLY. ] .

    1. “Now he’s got a spelling mistake forever”

      That’s funny. I’ve seen over a dozen pics with misspelling in the tattooes and they’re not even “complicated” words.

      I can just hear the teasing now: “Hey, dude, what idiot did you hire to make your tatts?”

    2. “Phantoms NOT Phanthoms.”

      (Just slightly off topic)

      I couldn’t make out what that word is after “Phanthoms” — so I let Bing finish the phrase for me and it came up with: “like phantoms forever”. Then I looked through the images it provided and I found this one. I think it’s an awesome looking photo (F4 Phantom):

      and another that I thought was interesting:

    3. I don’t think that’s a mistake; at least not anymore than “Led Zeppelin” is. Probably a name for something, but it looks far too deliberate and made from a template.

      1. @sprocket:

        Considering the word “Phanthom” (with a 2nd-‘h’) is generally NOT what one would put on his body for all to read, I’d suspect it is definitely a mistake — considering it’s to be read by English-knowing people.

        Refers to something/someone that is weak, stupid, not worthy or generally not acceptable.

        And there are many “templates” made with mistakes.

        1. The misspelling is most likely because english is not his first language — and possibly the tattoo artist. Most of the mistakes I’ve found come from non english speaking countries.

    1. Not that I appreciate tattoos, but compatibility with an Apple product will never determine my decisions in life.

  5. Nice looking guy, but it’s a shame about all the horrible tattoo graffiti. Why anyone would think it a good idea to deface their perfectly beautiful youthful body with mis-spelled words and bad art is beyond me. Also it appears he has gauges, or whatever you call those ear grommets. I don’t understand how mutilating ones ears with holes is a good idea. Maybe they come in handy for bondage purposes? Ten to twenty years down the road they will no longer have any relevance. I predict a lot of tattoo removal clinics and plastic surgeons are going to be making seriously good money in the future. :/

    1. @daveboy:
      ” I don’t understand how mutilating ones ears with holes is a good idea.”

      Or any other part of a body? Personally, I agree with that thought. But, individual people and societies throughout human history have done some type of body decoration to elevate their “status” in those societies. Even the penis has had “decorations” applied to it:

      Enjoy! :-)

      1. Oh thanks for those links, just what I wanted to see. LOL ! :)

        I am well aware certain tribes in Africa and elsewhere have a history of body modification such as stretching lower lips and earlobes, binding feet, etc. Obviously they thought it was a good idea probably for some ignorant cultural or religious reason that holds no real validity in today’s educated societies. I know there are always going to be current trends and fads which come and go as the years progress, and I have no problem with that. Certain clothing, hair styles, jewellery and body piercings come and go, and people change with the times.

        My main issue with tattoos and body mutilations are they’re fairly permanent and will require much effort to have them removed or repaired, if in fact it’s even possible to do so.

        1. So, I take it from that above, you won’t be getting a Prince Albert anytime soon?


  6. I love everything about him including the tattoo art. Loved the video too and I will certainly look out for him in the future.

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