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  1. I’m sure he’s a really good looking boy(the mug is in front of his face). Unfortunately the tattoos do not make him look very good in my opinion. I know it’s just me but they are a turnoff.

    1. Maybe don’t comment on Tattoo Thursday posts if you’re gonna always bitch about a boy’s choice to wear tattoos?

      1. “Maybe don’t comment on Tattoo Thursday posts”

        Or, we can just be adults and allow people to express their opinions —- you know, the primary reason they’re being posted. If it were otherwise, it would just be another Tumblr.

  2. Whoever planned out the placement of the pieces didn’t do a very good job…. rather then flowing from one piece to the next it’s just a jumble of mismatched pieces. Looks like the guy’d be cute if we could see his face though

    1. Personally I prefer the Classic flash style. Yes, it has a more haphazard layout but thats to be developed over a lifetime unlike modern selves where you have a full concept after a few sittings.

  3. Whoever invents an inexpensive, fast and painless tattoo ink remover will be an instant bazillionaire. Only the lab geek who finds the genes for Big Tits and Big Dick, and is able to replicate and transplant them, will be richer. But not by much.
    This handsome but misguided twink has given over his beautiful body to graffiti and cartoonish doddles, and there’s a good chance his obvious lack of judgement will negatively impact his life – from employment opportunities, to any political ambitions he may have, even to finding a mate. It should be illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 35 – maybe by then most victims will have outgrown this foolish infatuation.

    1. All the ink in the picture could be easily covered by a shirt, so it’s possible his employers or potential employers would never know he had ink. Political ambitions prolly also wouldn’t be hindered by them unless he’s in a particularly conservative area…you’d be surprised by the number of very successful people in both politics and business that have at least as much ink as him.

      Also, not as many people end up regretting their ink as you seem to believe. It’s usually the ones that get them on impulse or just get something off the wall that end up regretting them. There just isn’t the stigma around them there used to be to create that type of regret.

      As for potential mates shying away from him…. good, less competition for me if I’m ever lucky enough to meet him

      1. “All the ink in the picture could be easily covered by a shirt, so it’s possible his employers or potential employers would never know he had ink.”

        Until that day he decides to wear a short-sleeved shirt …. or maybe one that’s more open in front.

  4. Since everyone under 40 is completely used to tattoos, none of these terrible things are likely to happen in the future.

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