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  1. Tats are disrespectful to your personality (if you have one) and body, don’t let ever some one mess it up.

  2. This one looks to need some one[s] to attack, conquer, and control this body. Looks like it is daring us to get it on for it all. The fantasy is to challenge this warrior and finally take the clothing off, spank, and use this body for sex. Then, as the fantasy goes, train this body to obey with daily spankings and sex control, such as so it will never touch its self except to wipe and wash, with no sexual rubbing. Make sure THEY, for LIFE, know not EVER to dare us and always OBEY. Well, that is part of the fantasy. ha ha ha This is a sort of make love not war fantasy. The person does look as if we are the challenge ! ha ha ha .

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