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  1. That’s one perfect penis, wish I could see the rest of him more clearly.
    Looks like a skater boy

  2. I’m curious about the “God” hat. For several reasons, I doubt it has any religious meaning. Could it be a symbolic reference to himself? The way he is gazing at himself, it could even be a reference to his cock.

  3. That’s one lovely shaved cock. Perfect in every way. I’ve just seen a trailer for a new film, Boy Erased. About the son of a small town Baptist Preacher who is outed and is taken into a gay conversion therapist camp. Looks interesting, not to mention very topical too.

  4. That is one crappy [quality/”message”] picture. Way too many of these totally crap pictures flood the Internet just because they can upload shit and call it “art”.

    1. Who said this was art? It’s “Tattoo Thursday” and the boy has a tat. That’s all. Chill.

  5. Tattoos are subject of fashion. And the problem is, that when they fall out of fashion, you can not get rid of them like you throw away clothes out of fashion. You can imagine your body covered all over with silly and laughable, out of fashion tattoos. You look like ancient fossile dinosaur among others.

  6. Truly a crap photo in every way: poor lighting, out of focus, model unattractive, bad pose, uninviting… why bother to post such rubbish?

    1. If you have such an eye for art, which is subjective by the way, why aren’t you providing some content. Oh wait this is a porn site. Sorry you feel it is crap.

      1. I see tons of porn that’s a hell of a lot better presented than this too-high contrast, very-low sharpness/blurred “image.”

        Just because it shows a penis, that doesn’t automatically make it “good.”

        [Not to mention that NOT all penises are even attractive.]

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