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  1. I see a beautiful girl and I think Gosh!

    But so many beautiful boys .. My heart is completely jumping at the sight…
    That time in our male youth when, for me, boys are incredible. Exuding such perfectness one thousand times more than any girl.

    I well recall at age sixteen when I was addicted to cycling (still am), my mum calling my dad to tell me not to go out wearing those shorts. Never any explanation. Of course, years on down the the line I know now what her concern was focused on.

    The whole Gay thing utterly sucked for me. Denial and closet case of course. For years. Bitterness? You bet!
    Looking back at so much lost. The boys I lusted after. The boys I rebuffed. My self imposed sterile environment.

    My remaining years now happy with my husband but enduring such fuckery before. And, only sheer luck we found each other at what’s the last moment for me.

    What’s the lesson?
    Fight for Pride guys! Throw off the concrete around your shoulders. It’s not you. It’s them.

    Beautiful boy. Be happy.

  2. Hear hear. My fiancee only came out 4 years ago. We meet 2 and a half years ago. Although I didn’t need to hide in any closet my better half did. And he’s only 28. He grew up in a non religious non Conservative family and still had to go through the mill. I remember young Ramsus going through the same 5 years ago and he’s only 19.

    Apart from the hair the first thing I saw was the black eye. Nasty.

  3. Yeh really senuous looking heart throb, definitely sweet sixteen.
    Good to hear you have both found happiness and see the past mistakes.

    Rasmus is a babe , but I think he is happier these days.

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