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  1. This is a ONE EYE TWO STRIPE TATTOO and ILLUSTRATOR. [ALLURE = a lure.] We have work to do !

    1. Other than arm muscle measurement, r as a symbol way of saying “TOUGH”, have no idea of what the arm two stripes tattoos stand for. Do tell.

        1. BRENT EVERETT’s arm tattoo bands are on his left arm. Other than being a show off of muscularity, tattoo arm bands can mean loss of loves or are covers for prior tattoos. Other wise, please tell us, twinny !

          1. You know more than I do, bro! Thx for teaching me. All I know for now is that baby pilots wear it as their rank in the ‘cock’pit, ha!

            They should put some around D. T.’s neck to silence him from telling no non-sense.

      1. A guy I was doing had three stripes around his left bicep, two broad and one narrow. I asked him for the significance and he told me that was his rank in the US Navy (Lt. Commander).

    1. The work to build churches of beauty is from a LOVE of BEAUTY. Such love engenders and inspires and destroys the lifetimes of many. Fall down on your knees and cry with the music of JS Bach Toccata and Fugue aplay and know that the Christians he slaves for hate him. BEAUTY is NOT cruel. It is the spur to work to make better. 👊🏽 👊♂ ✨🌞❦☮

  2. Yes, Brent is where I first saw it. Since they’ve become so popular I’ve wondered if he was truly the first.

    1. STRIPES also is for important opponents defeat. Only am aware of such stripes as emphasis of musculature. Or is that a repeat ? ha ha ha GAYS do STRAIGHT stuff. ha ha ha twinny still does not reply. WHY ?

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