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  1. Very nice photo. Very good looking boy. Very nice tattooes on him — quite the artistry. The only criticism is that he seems a bit tense in this pose for this photo.

    I just hope the nice artistry of his tattoes last through his life looking as good as it does now. At least there’s no body hair to mess the images up.

    Also, (and I could be wrong), but that “shadowy” area on his middle back looks like it may be another tattoo. Curious of what it is since this side looks so artsy.

      1. I think that may be just a shadow cast by his backbone, he has quite prominent vertebrae

  2. LOVE the boy, Hate the ink. A teenage hottie’s creamy smooth skin stretched tight over firm young muscles is truly artistic, as no ink ever could be.

    1. I fully agree, it’s like if you’re throwing away your youth…I hate tattoos anyway, it is a plague. The only tattoos I can stand are those on cattle skin.

      1. @whiterabbit [2?]:

        You must have been concentrating on that imaginary tattoo on his penis with its message to you: “BLOW ME BITCH.”

  3. I think this boy he is so cute he looked good naked, I don’t know if I would want a tattoo and inside on my body like he’s got, but I guess when he’s naked not looking at the tattoo, I believe he has a nice but and penis .

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