Bullied gay teen explains why he decided to fight back

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A video of Jordan, a 16-year-old high school student, punching a homophobic bully went viral this week. Jordan said later that the incident occurred after years and years of build-up.

Jordan was a guest on the Tamron Hall Show where he and his mom broke down in tears when speaking about the homophobic bullying he has endured.

Jordan was suspended after the fight and he is now being home-schooled after his mother saw how he was being treated by his high school.

“It seemed like I was getting in more trouble for reporting [the bullying] than I was if I didn’t say anything at all,” he said. “It was doing me more harm than it was good.”

Biological sex is a spectrum & many people are not happy about it

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You know how people who deny the existence of more than two sexes or genders often claim to just care about the science when they spew their hateful and ignorant BS? It’d be extremely easy to prove them wrong on both counts if they’d actually be willing to listen to scientists. They aren’t though.

This SciShow video explaining that there are in fact more than two sexes for example got hundreds of dislikes on YouTube only 6 minutes after being published. The video is over 13 minutes long…

The gay 90s & sitcoms

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TV is gayer than ever which is great news. But even back in the 90s there were plenty of queer characters on the small screen. But a lot of the representation 20+ years ago was more problematic than progressive. Shows routinely pushed stereotypes and cliches and more often than not the gay characters were the butt of the joke and not much else.

Matt Baume’s YouTube show Culture Cruise takes a closer look LGBTQ representation in the sitcoms of the 90s with a special focus on Frasier, a show that in some regards was ahead of its time.

Homophobia is still a problem in the world of dance

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Earlier this year, “Good Morning America” ran what was supposed to be a cute culture story about the first-grade curriculum of Britain’s Prince George. But when correspondent Lara Spencer mentioned that the 6-year-old boy was studying ballet, she couldn’t suppress her laughter.

As Spencer said, “We’ll see how long that lasts,” co-host George Stephanopolous and most of the studio audience also laughed. Being laughed at for pursuing dance is familiar to almost any boy who studies the art form, especially ballet.

Deidre Tangorra’s 9-year-old son, Julius, has been aggressively bullied for dancing. At school, he’s been put in a chokehold, tripped and tackled while being called “twinkle toes,” “fairy” and other homophobic slurs. He can’t ride the school bus because of other kids spitting on him, according to both Julius and his mother.

“If a boy wants to do something perceived as slightly feminine, they’re perceived as weaker,” Tangorra said. “It’s not about being against dance, it’s machoness.”

Julius had a strong reaction to Spencer’s laughter and comments. “When she said it, I felt bad and angry and embarrassed,” he said. Following the TV host’s controversial remarks, the dance community rallied to the young royal’s defense, and #BoysDanceToo became a trending social media hashtag.

Spencer apologized for her comments and interviewed three male dancers who discussed their careers and experiences with bullying. Yet, the issue of men being perceived as feminine never came up in their discussion and neither did sexual orientation nor gender identity. The subtext of the apology was that Spencer erred in saying that male dancers aren’t masculine, but not that it’s wrong to laugh at men who have a feminine side.

Many in the dance community felt it was a missed opportunity to address the root of the stigma male dancers deal with — homophobia and misogyny — especially because these exist within the dance world as well.

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Gay teen slaps the homophobia out of his cowardly bully

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High school student Jordan Steffy was bullied by homophobes at his school since 2nd grade. This week he decided that he had enough and fought back when a classmate called him a faggot.

He posted a video in which the bully can be heard throwing the slur at Jordan while trying to physically intimidate him (and being almost comically incompetent at it) before Jordan gives him a pretty good slap.

Another video of the incident, which you can see below, was watched almost seven million times within three days. You can hear the bully say “don’t fucking put your hands on me faggot.” After attempting to slap the homophobia out of him, Jordan warns him to not call him that word again.

According to Jordan both him and the bully were suspended by the school. Jordan’s mum defended him for standing up for himself and decided to look into homeschooling because she believes the school handled the situation poorly by letting the bullying going on for years and then punishing Jordan for eventually fighting back.