Nick Offerman blasts homophobes

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Nick Offerman is continuing to stick it to the many homophobes who are still salty about his role in The Last of Us, and you just love to see it.

The Parks and Recreation actor took home an Independent Spirit Award over the weekend for portraying Bill in the massively successful HBO adaptation — just a month after earning his first Emmy for the same part.

After thanking HBO for “having the guts to participate in this storytelling tradition that is truly independent,” he reminded everyone exactly why telling a love story between two men was important, albeit brief, arc in the show.

“Stories with guts that when homophobic hate comes my way and says, ‘Why did you have to make it a gay story?’ we say, ‘Because you ask questions like that. It’s not a gay story it’s a love story, you asshole.’”

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Steven Spielberg loved The Last of Us’ queer love story

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Three-time Oscar-winning juggernaut director Steven Spielberg was one of the very first Hollywood A-listers to throw his support behind The Last of Us’ heart-rending gay love story in episode three. The most commercially successful director in history was quick to praise the episode’s critically acclaimed queer storyline and even sent a personal letter to Craig Mazin, the episode’s writer.

HBO’s post-apocalyptic fungal thriller The Last of Us, based on the award-winning videogame of the same name, stunned audiences when it aired in January, with powerhouse performances from leads Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey. But it was episode three, entitled “Long, Long Time” which focuses on the love story between Bill (Parks and Recreation’s Nick Offerman) and Frank (The White Lotus’ Murray Bartlett) that had viewers in tears.

Despite homophobic backlash from certain corners of the internet, the episode was praised by fans and critics alike for Offerman and Bartlett’s rich and moving performances and the decision to include – and explore – a mature gay relationship. The episode’s director, Peter Hoar, has revealed that Spielberg himself was an early fan of Nick and Frank’s story.

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Homophobes are review bombing The Last of Us

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Every day, I am begging the straights to be normal about men who kiss each other. The latest episode of The Last of Us seems to have caused many of them to lose their goddamn minds. The cause of their mass dissatisfaction? Two men having a loving relationship on an HBO show. As of the time of writing, one fourth of the ratings on IMDb are listed as one-star.

The third episode of The Last of Us expands on the relationship between Bill and Frank, two gay men who were living together at the end of the world. Players only got to meet Bill in the original 2013 game; Frank had been bitten by a zombie and was forced to take his own life. Their relationship in the game ended on a bitter note and was criticized as an example of doomed queer love that’s all-too-common in popular media.

The HBO show expanded on a different interpretation of their relationship. In the series, Bill and Frank built a home together, and got to meet their ends entirely on their terms. It’s probably the best ending anyone can experience during a zombie apocalypse, regardless of sexuality. The episode was universally praised by critics, who found their relationship to be both incredibly moving and a triumph over the original events of the game.

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