The Last Human Person on Earth

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The Last Human Person on Earth tells the story of Eric and Henry, two boys pretending to be the mad scientist and robot survivors of the end of the world in Henry’s garage. As the two grow closer, Eric begins to wonder if their relationship might be turning into something more than friendship.

Lazarus Come Out

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45 year old Don Valter is a traditional priest who still wears an old fashioned black tunic out of nostalgia. One day young Claudio and his exuberant troupe of actors appear, proposing to perform an avant-garde show based on the Gospel’s miracle of the rebirth of Lazarus*. The powerless priest is overwhelmed by this young upstart, who stirs within him emotions that will, whether he likes it or not, pull him into the modern era.


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Oscar-qualified film Aikāne, created by Hawai’i-based filmmakers Dean Hamer & Joe Wilson and animated by Daniel Sousa, is a universal queer love story rooted in native Hawaiian Tradition. The short film follows two queer lovers — a warrior and his shape-shifting advisor — as they battle colonial evil.

Being Brave

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Beckett travels the bumpy road of a boy living in complicated times. He craves the love and acceptance of his divorced parents, but sees it jeopardized by the constant bullying he receives at school because of his father’s sexuality.

Incensed by the latest homophobic taunts by his mother’s new boyfriend’s son – Spencer – Beckett reacts, standing up for himself and unleashing a chain of events that in his eyes will resolve the situation he finds himself in.

The password for the video is BeingBrave4Festival

Louder Than Words

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Louder Than Words follows a young musician named Ansel (Luke Farley), and his unexpected encounter with Niall (Marty Lauter also known as Marcia Marcia Marcia from Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race), an endearing, deaf dancer.

When forced to share a studio space, artists Ansel and Niall find themselves awkwardly beside each other, performing song and dance respectively. They have an underlying connection, and that is a closeted interest and admiration of each other. While Niall can read lips, an obvious language barrier still stands between him and Ansel. In order to communicate, Ansel and Niall must step out of their comfort zones, because even though they share similar passions and quickly inspire each other, the inevitable risk of miscommunication—both in language and emotion—remains, rendering their hidden affection almost impossible to express.

The film explores the sheer struggle that queer people often face in a culture that is yet to fully foster accepting spaces for courtship and love. At its core, the story portrays how difficult it can be to communicate romantic interest as a queer person, and in this case, the added impediment of being deaf.


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An animated musical short starring Alex Newell and Philip Lawrence about a lonely widower awaiting a Pacemaker to save his life who gets his real second chance at true love by opening his heart and accepting his grandson’s identity.


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For years Andrzej and Michal have been meeting up during the summer holidays, which they spend with their parents at the tiny resort of Siemiany. Over the years, their friendship has grown steadily, but this year the monotony of life in the country and their feelings of togetherness lend their friendship a new dimension of sexually charged intimacy.

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Emil and Adam are close friends, and after a night at the movies, Emil is going to sleep over at Adam’s. A film about friendship and the longing for something more.