PornHub Wrapped 2023

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Move over Spotify Wrapped, PornHub has released its annual insights into the world’s porn habits, and they certainly make for *interesting* reading.

From Mormon porn, to furries, to twinks, PornHub’s 10th annual Year in Review report has revealed global trends in porn watching, finding that “mature” and “MILF” porn topped the year’s trends, as did technology-based fantasies like “AI robot” porn.

Breaking down demographics by age, the porn site also found that Boomers (people aged 55 and above) are increasingly searching for transgender porn, with Boomers 58% more interested in trans porn than younger demographics. But what else does the data suggest about our porn-watching habits?

It’s tempting to make a point about boomers being out there hating trans people just to go home and jerk off to them but honestly, I think it’s more likely most people don’t actually hate trans people, it’s just an extreme fringe issue right wing grifters are desperately clinging onto to distract from the fact that they don’t have any solutions for actual, real issues.

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Money Shot: The Pornhub Story

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In those bygone days when you had to sit on a family computer in the living room in order to access the internet, teenagers watched documentaries like Netflix’s Money Shot: The Pornhub Story hoping to catch a glimpse of a world they could otherwise only access by stealing someone’s dad’s Playboy. But one of Pornhub’s big, epoch-shaking innovations was to make actual pornography available to anyone with a smartphone — no credit card required.

There’s a more graphic version of this story that could be told. At the beginning of Money Shot, a woman who’s worked in the porn industry for most of her adult life describes watching an “eight-person geriatric gangbang” the first time she ever fired up Pornhub. “That did set the tone for how extreme things could be on the internet,” she says.

Perhaps as a tacit acknowledgement that Netflix can never compete with actual Pornhub content, Money Shot leaves its analysis of the “gonzo” side of porn there. If this movie played in theaters, it’d be rated R for language and a little above-the-waist nudity. (Seriously, though, if you want to see people having unsimulated sex — much of it quite athletic — the site to check is right there in the name of the doc.) That allows director Suzanne Hillinger to focus on the thing that’s really driving the movie’s narrative story: feminist infighting.

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Twink and Femboy most popular queer searches on Pornhub

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‘Hentai’ was the most-used search term on Pornhub in 2021, according to the MindGeek-owned site’s end of year wrap-up for 2021. According to the data, hentai – Japanese-style animated porn – was followed by the search terms ‘romance’ then ‘group sex’ in the 2021 run-down’s top three.

Hentai was Pornhub’s second-most popular search term in 2018, but didn’t make the top ten search term list in 2019 (Pornhub didn’t release a wrap-up in 2020), suggesting that there’s been a leap in its popularity in recent years.

Japan’s cultural grip on porn was also reflected in Pornhub’s category use chart for 2021. The most viewed category on the site for the year was ‘Japanese’, with ‘Hentai’ the fourth most popular category. ‘Lesbian’, ‘Ebony’ and ‘MILF’ completed the category chart top five.

Also storming the charts were search terms including the word ‘trans’: a rise that occurred in tandem with increased public awareness and media coverage of transgender issues. ‘Trans’ was the seventh most-used Pornhub search term in 2021, with the site saying there was a 141 percent increase in its use. Pornhub’s ‘Transgender’ category was the tenth most-watched category by male users on the site. Read on…

On the queer side of Pornhub ‘Twink‘ topped the charts to the surprise of literally no one, closely followed by terms like ‘femboy‘ and, ironically, ‘straight‘. In the top gay porn search charts Helix legend Joey Mills came in second. Check out the full breakdown above.

PornHub just removed millions of videos in huge purge

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More than half of all videos on Pornhub have been removed, after the platform changed its policy to ban unverified uploaders. In an announcement on Monday (14 December), Pornhub said: “As part of our policy to ban unverified uploaders, we have now also suspended all previously uploaded content that was not created by content partners or members of the Model Program.

“This means every piece of Pornhub content is from verified uploaders, a requirement that platforms like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter have yet to institute.”

On Sunday evening, according to Vice, the number of videos on the site was slashed from 13.5 million to only 4.7 million. As of Monday afternoon, the figure stood at 2.9 million.

Toasty and Milo luckily survived the purge

The content purge took place after multiple hits to the company last week. On Monday (7 December) a (controversial) New York Times piece was published which followed victims of child sex abuse whose videos had been uploaded to Pornhub. This was followed by the announcement of an investigation by Visa and Mastercard into illegal content on the platform.

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