Overwatch 2’s new hero is very queer and fans are obsessed

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Lifeweaver, also known as Niran Pruksamanee, was originally leaked via a now-pulled article from PCGamesN, but information has been restored thanks to Kotaku. Cheers Kotaku.

The team over at Overwatch has never truly strayed when it comes to providing hot new heroes, but this one in particular has us standing at attention. Not only does he look great, but Lifeweaver is (apparently) pansexual too. How this will be conveyed in-game or through the character’s backstory has yet to be revealed, but we’ll be sure to add him to our list of LGBTQ+ characters in Overwatch once we have more information.

Outside of likely being part of the LGBTQ+ community and even giving us hints about the love life of other heroes, Lifeweaver is the first Thai hero to be added to the game. “The bigger inspiration of this character is the mandala shape,” Senior Character Technical artist Chonlawat Thammawan told PCGamesN. Thammawan had also initially pitched a Thai hero to the character concept team. It is seemingly no coincidence either that the hero is meant to launch during Songkran, the Thai New Year’s national holiday.

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